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Ace of Wands

From David’s blog “The Tarot of Manifestation”

I am the minister of myself

Ace of Wands A divine hand extended from a cloud holds upright a staff with new growth.

Manifestation follows inspiration. Inspiration is the point from which we set our intentions. Without intention our manifestations are haphazard and unfocused.

At some point in our lives we find ourselves devoid of inspiration. We become jaded, unmoved, apathetic or indifferent to our current situation. There is a lack of the inspirational fire that incites us to take action, or even to set an intention. We do not know what we want for ourselves, so we have not set out to manifest anything with any deliberate intention.

Contrary to what we believe, we do not need to wait for inspiration to alight upon us. We can take action without any specific inspiration to propel us forward. The simplest thing we can do to pull us out of our entropy is to experience something new, something untried. It…

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