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Tarot’s Modern Make-over (revisit)

From Ronda’s Blog “Modern Oracle Tarot”

Modern Oracle Tarot


After 600 to 800 years, anybody would be entitled to a make-over, don’t you think?

There is no precise start-date for Tarot cards. I’ve read several histories, and they estimate the cards evolved as early as the 1200s or as late as the 1400s. Either way, they have been around for a while. The consensus seems to be that the cards started as a game, a bit like bridge or gin…in fact the Major Arcana are still called the “trump” cards sometimes. It really isn’t clear when, how, or why they went from being a simple game (that included wagers, so I imagine a sort of bridge /poker hybrid). to being a fortune telling device. Tarot has become part of pop culture, certainly. If you are a fan of Carl Jung, you could even argue they have become part of the collective unconscious. Looking at it that way would explain why…

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