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Knight of Pentacles

I am the minister of myself

Knight of Pentacles A knight contemplates a pentacle which he holds, his horse remains still

As human beings we are bestowed with the gift of manifestation. Everything we experience in our lives is based on our innate nature of manifesting our reality, individually and collectively. However, due to the nature of this physical reality our manifestations are by no means instant.

The earthly realm is a slow moving place. Events need to build momentum before they come to fruition. Even extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes  began as minute changes in temperature that built up over time.

In our impatience to attract into our lives that which we desire we often abandon our pursuits if they do not manifest in a given amount of time. Because it hasn’t occurred as soon as we had hoped we begin to feel that it will never occur. What we do not realize is, when we abandon…

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