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Four of Swords

I am the minister of myself

Four of Swords A figure lays in quiet repose in a place of sanctuary

Once we’ve set an intention on what we wish to manifest we must then apply efforts toward bringing our desired outcome to fruition. What if we exercise great diligence in making our desires a reality yet we fail to see them manifested?

Sometimes we will approach the application of our energies like a blunt object. We will charge forth, repeatedly bashing into the locked door with a battering ram with the belief that it will eventually give way to our force. There may be a possibility that this is the appropriate tactic in breaking through to our desired outcome, but the odds may be just as great that we will incur some sort of injury in the process.

In most cases, sheer force or unyielding diligence is not enough to surpass the obstacles we encounter. Most obstacles require a…

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