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Tarotbytes: King of Wands

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Like Socrates said “I drank what?”

Ok, that’s actually a quote from one of my favorite movies “Real Genius”, but in a sense it really is a valuable notion. Socrates is actually credited with the famous saying “Know Thyself”. Both apply to the King of Wands today.

The King is in charge of our inner world, in other words, self-control. But as we see in real life politics, a ruler detached from the needs and realities of those governed tend not to rule for long…or not get elected in the first place, as the case may be.

The same is applicable in our inner world. If we value honesty, then we must know ourselves in order to live authentically – honestly. Knowing our nature lets us work with it honestly to either be bravely true to it or to nudge it in a better direction. Emerson said “The greatest gift…

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