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Eight of Pentacles

I am the minister of myself

Eight of Pentacles A craftsman diligently carves out pentacle after pentacle, honing his skills

When we set an intention on a desired outcome we are imagining what we want to incorporate into our lives. When we manifest that outcome we have reached a point where we have incorporated the realized intention into our identity.

Between setting an intention on what we desire and becoming the person that has attained that goal is a process of shaping the intention to match who we are. We begin by taking the first step in moving toward our goal, but we rarely reach it with a single step.

At some point with enough tenacity we find we have gained the ability to attain what we originally set out to manifest. However, making our goal happen is still tenuous at this stage. We are too green to be truly proficient and accomplished, so maintaining a successful position is precarious at best. We…

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