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4 Tarot Topics I Always Get Asked About

Today’s post is all about the four Tarot topics I most often get asked about!

Predicting the timing of events, reading Tarot reversals, making sense of repeating Tarot cards and how to store your Tarot deck when your not using it.

So I have rounded up the four articles that I wrote on these topics and squeezed them all into ONE handy dandy blog post – enjoy :)

Tarot & Timing: How to Predict When Something Will Happen

watchWhen will I meet my soul-mate? When will I find my dream job? When will my business take off?

These are some of the most common questions people ask their Tarot cards. Everyone wants to know when!

But is it possible to predict the future with Tarot cards and pinpoint specific time frames for events?

Let me give you some tips and tricks for doing readings about timing….Read more….