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Arcana in Balance: The Chariot (reprise)

Modern Oracle Tarot


According to, Richard Bach has said  “You teach best what you most need to learn”

This holds true in Tarot work, certainly. The major arcana has a special-ness and mystique around it. It is fairly common to have at least one card that feels special, a personal card, a ‘personal significator’ if that makes sense. It is fun to think about your personal card.

Which do you think is yours? Browsing through a deck to see which captures your eye and mind the most is a good way to find it, or browse a book of tarot card meanings to see which resonates with you. By the same token, there is often a card that is especially difficult and dissonant.

This personal card idea is akin to the idea of teaching what you most need to know, as well as the “Lens of Understanding” post HERE.  Writing about…

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