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Arcana in Balance: The Hermit (2014)

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“Arcana in Balance” is a series that looks at each of the major arcana cards, and looks at where each of them teaches us some lesson about balance, and bringing balance to our lives.


The Hermit fits some of my favorite popular images – ones that have a sense of humor. Spirituality isn’t all dullness and drudgery. Spirituality, tarot, psychic work has the same balance of humor and fun as any other part of life.

When I’m doing a reading and the Hermit card shows up, sometimes I’ll explain it using TV advertising. One of my favorites is the ” lifesavors” ad from what was it..the 70s? A guy climbs a rocky, steep, isolated mountain to find the stereotypical hermit / guru / yogi sitting in meditation. He asks the guru ‘what is the meaning of life?” The answer was, if memory serves, pep-o-mint lifesavers. He might be right. They…

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