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Arcana in Balance: The Moon

Modern Oracle Tarot


The Heirophant is my biggest Major Arcana challenge in terms of concept. The Moon is the card where the artwork never seems quite right.

The classic card is pictured here (vintage deck in the public domain via I use the U.S games Raider Waite deck when I’m doing readings for other people, simply because it is the most generally recognized. It’s what most people seem to want and expect. It is a wonderful deck. This is the one and only RWS card I don’t like. This particular card is always a little disconcerting to read because the intuitive messages and the feel of the card is so different from the actual look of the card. I think  it’s the colors. It looks like a sunny day at the beach to me, nothing Moon-like about it, although the presence of “two” always feel significant. There are two two towers, two…

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