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My Tarot Valentine: 8 of Wands

Modern Oracle Tarot

This week I’m looking at cards from a romance and relationship perspective. Today, 8 of wands. This card was suggested by Roseline at Feng Shui Steps. If you ever have a question about Feng Shui, Roseline is the go-to gal. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge and wisedom! 

Have a card you’d like to see as a Tarot Valentine daily meditation? Please suggest a card in the comments below.


There are a variety of meanings for the 8 of Wands. I think of wands as symbolizing our relationship with ourselves. You wouldn’t expect a high number wands card to resonate with the idea of relationships, but as I see it, it fits in exactly with the “be your true self” “let your light shine” part of finding your soulmate.

When I draw in my favorite two references, Diane Morgan and Ted Andrews, I see a connection to relationships…

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