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My Side of the Table: Love and Romance

Modern Oracle Tarot


This informal, unscheduled series of posts will look at Tarot readings and cards from the reader’s point of view rather than a “card meaning” point of view. This is how it looks from my side of the table. I call the person getting the reading a “learner”  instead of a “sitter” because, lets face it, learning is what Tarot is all about. We both learn from this process, I just have a little more practice reading the intuitive images triggered by the cards and putting them into words. It is like an older student reading a text book chapter to a young one. To me, reading Tarot is isn’t like Moses on a mountain spouting some sacred truth. To me, Tarot is like a Kung Fu master pointing at the moon which was there all along for both of them to see.


My husband and my daughter are my everything, so…

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