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Bad Advice as Usual – or is it?

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Veronica is a free spirited tramp who loves to eavesdrop in coffee shops, lead young men astray and of course…read Tarot! Since she’s my evil twin/alter ego, I let her spew her mystical ramblings every Friday on my blog…

five of wands tarot card

Tarot of the Pagan Cats

The Tarot card of the day is the Five of Wands – a card that foretells arguing, scuffles and petty competition. Fun stuff!

An argument may break out in the work lunchroom today…enjoy it!

Someone may try to one up you by trying to do something way better than you can. Let them huff and puff, who gives a shit.

Your lover may be extra quarrelsome with you this weekend – channel all that energy into hot sex and you’re good to go!

My point is this – don’t try to smooth things over like you usually do. Don’t try to be the whiny voice of reason. You’ll miss out on all the fun.

Instead, be an observer. So sit back and enjoy the shitshow!