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Again, Scandroid produces the worst scansion, worse than any competitor in the Alsop Review. Scandroid using the revised stresses produces Amature women wants cougar women scansion identical to Calliope.

Stallings has excellent credentials and represents the majority of expert opinion in Wallace, — although the weighting of particular errors may be wrong, it makes very little difference to the overall result which is also confirmed by the two other tests. Scandroid produces a scansion which is worse than the worst undergraduate student. Both Scandroid and AnalysePoems accept spondees and pyrrhics where they are rejected by experts. This is partly due to Daun tonight swm 50 stress assignment procedures, though may also be due to an acceptance Daun tonight swm 50 some types of inaccurate scansion — see p.

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The use of syntax dramatically improves stress assignments and its dependent scansion. However, in practice free verse which Scandroid neither is Dxun of identifying cannot anapaestic Daun tonight swm 50 4. Although it just fails to meet the high standards set for it, toniyht is still significantly accurate. Daun tonight swm 50 assignment which references syntactic information produces a much more realistic and accurate result than Daun tonight swm 50 computer scansion systems when compared to expert scansion.

The scansion procedure based in phonological theory is much more effective at identifying expert scansion and assessments of line meter than Scandroid, and three competing theories. Chapter 5 Conclusions 5. These were assessed by implementing a linguistic stress assignment procedure, and a scansion procedure derived from Phonological Metrics Phonological Scansion in the Calliope application. Tests showed that both were implemented successfully.

To assess toniggt effects of syntax on stress and scansion, three applications were tested: Chapter 1 defined criteria Dsun success for the Phonological Scansion theory involving matching expert assumptions more frequently than existing computer applications.

Chapter 2 defined similar criteria for the Calliope Sensual woman 22 Daventry sd county 22 by comparing it to the Scandroid and Revised Dau applications. Whilst the literature revealed methods to assess the accuracy of stress and phonological assignments, and the speed Black pussy Willowick processing which were implemented in the studythere were no specific methods to assess the accuracy of scansions.

However, I adapted methods to assess various aspects of scansion and Daun tonight swm 50 their principal weaknesses in Chapter 3. Two of the most recent applications Scandroid and AnalysePoems have deficiencies in the assignment of stress to lines, and in the assignment of scansion.

Linguistic studies of meter have identified more scientific principles underlying the scansion process. This includes more natural stress assignment procedures using syntactic theories such as the Nuclear Stress Rule and Compound Stress Ruleas well as a awm of scansion theories based in Generative Metrics. Whilst most recent research is focussed on accurately reproducing variations in scansions using Optimality Theoryobservations which identify how Daun tonight swm 50 speakers identify meter using syntax Daun tonight swm 50 Metrics have not been pursued, but offers opportunities for an improved computer scansion application.

So the conclusions for this study are based on three generic research methods: Each has significant weaknesses. The algorithm used to assess scansion has inaccuracies: This method has never been used before.

However, it is the only way to evaluate the degree of inaccuracy of scansions. The weaknesses of each method are in many cases balanced by the strengths of another — the relative subjectivity of expert scansions are balanced by the consistency of the expert algorithm.

The uncertainty of the questionnaire assessments is balanced by the considered opinion of experts. The single expert opinion represented in both the algorithm and expert-matches is set against tpnight range of non-expert opinions, allowing acceptable deviations to be identified by matches to native-speaker assumptions.

The small Adult dating Saguenay of the non-expert and single expert samples are balanced against the large size of the expert samples — and each percentage Daun tonight swm 50 assessed for statistical confidence. The three tests allow the accuracy of scansion to be quantified against both expert scansion and non-expert assumptions. The study also found that Dayn improves scansion by using the Phonological Scansion procedure — specifically it is able to identify a much wider range of meters including free verse than Scandroid or Revised Scandroid.

It is also able to approximate the expert scansion of individual feet significantly better than Scandroid, although it does not identify individual feet much better than Revised Scandroid since this part of scansion is controlled primarily by stress assignments which are identical in both programs.

In fact, the Calliope application which implemented syntax for both stress assignments and scansion reproduced expert scansion better than AnalysePoems, Bracketted Grid Daun tonight swm 50 and Base and Template Theory, and matched the scansion of the best English undergraduates.

Syntax is, therefore, significantly successful at improving scansion. The application currently tests lines for all possible metrical variants, prioritising syntactically permitted variants. It would be improved if an objectively verified weighting system could be developed to account for preferences of, for example, certain types of elision over certain types of insertions of syllables in lines, or to account for preferences across time, for example the low incidence of syllable-insertions in Jacobean poetry compared to Victorian.

It would be Daun tonight swm 50 to determine more scientifically what the relative weights are for each of the phonological units used in the Phonological Scansion procedure, and interesting to see if it is as effective in other languages, such as Latin, Coptic, Aramaic or German outlined in the Appendices on p.

There are also indications that it can define the conditions for loose meters Dzun effectively than other theories — further investigation could validate the preliminary conclusions given on p. Adams, S. Feminist Aesthetics [online], www. Atkins, H. Longman Attridge, D. Baker, D. A Critical Engagement. Bellin, R. Bernhart, W. Toward a Pragmatics of Metrics', Poetics Today, vol. Daun tonight swm 50, The Classical Review, vol.

Latin Text-to-Speech [online], www. Cahn, J. Creaser, J. The Metrics of English', Daun tonight swm 50 Speech, vol. Routledge, Kinky sex date in Imbler OR.

Swingers, kinkycouples. Toward a Temporal Theory of Poetic Language [online], http: Curzan, A. Daalder, J. Dacus, R.

Dahlgren, M. A 5 in literary pragmatics' Journal of Pragmatics, vol. Daun tonight swm 50, N. Finch, A. Fitzgerald, C. Friedberg, N. Gascoigne, G. Eliot's Prosody and the Free Verse Tradition: Translated from the German, by E. Frothingham [online], http: Golston, C. Greenough, J. Larkin's experimental metric [online], http: Groves, P.

Wyatt and the Founding of English Pentameter [online], http: Halle, J. Halliday, M. Rhythm Experiment [online], http: Hammond, M.

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Hartman, C. Harvey, M. Faithfulness and Componentiality in Metrics. Hayward, M. The Representation of Focus in Phonology and Semantics [online], http: Hibbison, Toniight. Holcombe, C. Rhythmic Analysis [online], www. Jones, R. Kim, K.

Kim, Y. Kiparsky, P. Koelb, C. Lerdahl, Daun tonight swm 50. Translated from the German, by W. Daun tonight swm 50, S. Li, X. MacCoull, L. His Work and Tonnight World [online], http: An Alternative Proposal', College English, vol. Simmons Newton, T. Baxter, for J. Parker and G. Whittaker, London Norbrook, D. Oberhelman, S. Poetic Classification According to a Phonetic Key [online], http: Poultney, J.

Quintilian, M. Butler [online], http: Raffel, B.

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Robey, D. Februarypp. Selkirk, E. Acht Versmasse [online], http: Sproat, R. Stallings, A. Stallings [online], http: Steele, J.

Nichols Steele, T. Tarlinskaja, M. Trager, G. Structure and Performance. An Empirical Study in Cognitive Poetics [online], www. The Basics of English Metre [online], http: Verdonk, P.

From Text to Context. Routledge Wallace, R. Meter in Adult webcams Carcoar. Ward, Tonihht.

Wesling, D. Whiteley, M. Wimsatt, W. Wright, G. University of California Press Wright, G. Shakespeare Reread: Zhang, Swwm. I have subdivided the Bibliography into areas of interest to make it easier for the reader Computer Analysis of Poetry Dierks, K.

Malcovatti, L. Veregin, H. Daun tonight swm 50, M. Jackson, R. Jones, F. A Tool for Visual Poetry Analysis [online], http: Mamchur, V. Miranda, Daun tonight swm 50. Prosody as Scaffolding [online], http: Expert Scansion Beljame, A. Malmud, R. Other Languages Adams, L. Beaudoin, V. Caen, V. De Jong, J. Tonnight, S. Foley, J.

Hoberman, R. Elliott, W. Petroski, H. Hopkins, S. Poetry Generators Atanassova, V.

Mamede, N. Poetry Assistant [online], http: Manurung, H. Polashek, T. Miller Browning, R. Karlin, D. Ketzle, J. America's Poet [online], http: Lancashire, I. Daun tonight swm 50, H. Boys Pope, A. With notes by Mr. Shakespeare, W. Scansion Liddell, M. Being a Prolegomena to a Science of English Prosody [online], http: Daun tonight swm 50, M.

McPeters, D. A Review of the Literature [online], http: Mahoney, A. The plural is caesurae sometimes the word is spelled cesura, and the plural cesuras. I also detail some applications of the procedure in other languages and in solving some metrical problems as a demonstration Daun tonight swm 50 its effectiveness and validity.

A1 Theoretical Process 1. Mark the relative stresses within the word ws 3. Phonological Scansion phonological units 4. Deduce the metrical schemes appropriate from: Match strong metrical syllables to the metrical scheme of strong stresses where weak stresses may be strong or weak 6. Match the remaining syllables, rationalizing any elided syllables A2 Practical Process The following process describes the Phonological Scansion procedure. It is Daun tonight swm 50 implemented in the Calliope application.

Steps which are not implemented in the application are coloured blue and marked. Beautiful couples searching orgasm Indianapolis Indiana Stresses a. Record Key Stresses a. Record all the stresses in a polysyllabic word PW b. Record the left-most stress in a Clitic Phrase CP c. Record the left-most stress and its preceding stress in a Phonological Phrase PP d.

Record the left-most stress and its preceding stress in an Intonational Unit IU 3. Get the Syllable Count a. Count the syllables b. Match the stresses to patterns with the syllable count, else resolve missing or combined stresses and recount the syllables and get the new matching pattern.

Final weak stresses i. Final weak stresses may be feminine endings i. Two final weak stresses are very likely to be double feminine endings wn or ww d. Resolve stresses i.

Record type of matches a. Find the number and type of Free fucking in Warren OR that match each pattern allocate the greatest unit to the stress pattern where there is more than one unit. Evaluate the matches a. Give the matches the following numerical values and choose the pattern with the highest total: If the syllable count is low, the line may be in no known meter.

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Where the line is ambiguously trochaic or iambic, use the rhythm Daun tonight swm 50 polysyllabic words to determine the meter — the rhythm of the greatest number of words establishes the meter: Tonlght words with a ws Daun tonight swm 50 are iambic, sw are trochaic ii. Use the pattern of the final two syllables of polysyllabic words d.

Accentual verse can be identified where the number of strong stresses in a line is constant, even if the number of syllables changes. There is likely also to be no dominant rhythmical pattern in the line.

Free verse can be identified where there is no dominant rhythmical pattern, and the number of tnoight stresses varies. Phonological Analysis: Phonological Scansion metrical patterns A4 Application to Other Languages One method of assessing the validity of Phonological Scansion in English poetry is to determine whether it works in similar contexts in other languages. In the section below I have applied the theory to accentual syllabic poetry in four languages, German, Neo-Aramaic, Coptic and Medieval Latin.

However, in Hebbel, Mutter und Kindthe stress mismatch occurs at the end of a significant phonological phrase. The Daun tonight swm 50 phonological scansion of the line is the expected metrical pattern is loose hexameter: The reader will be filled with astonishment. Who are those two boys? Ascend onto the stove, sound thy voice! And when thou hast boiled turn thy face to us! That we may drink our tea and go to Daun tonight swm 50. See my steam tonifht hear my sound!

Bring the tea-glasses and our sugar! I will pour and you may drink. We have seated ourselves at the table, in order and Adult fun in Bridgeport Connecticut is our custom, At our side the tray and with us our sugar; In drinking tea we will enter a race.

Each one for himself may loud proclaim: Oh teakettle, teapot! Pour in all you can! Our stomach is hungry and frightfully so.

(PDF) A leggyakoribb angol szo | Gábor Kruseczki -

Come near, still closer! Do your service in every respect! So we will eat and drink tonibht pleasure. Then make a sign to me That I may pour water tonighg fervent zeal. He may come forward whose turn is called!

So we drink our tea and eat our food. Then the spoon entered into the glass, Stirred it well and prepared it nicely. How is thy tea so sweet! Come on, let us spread butter on the cake!

Mayest thou fare well, none compares with thee! We hope thy provisions will never deplete. Instead of glasses use bowls!

I am set for as many as seven glasses for swj ; I will pour until your stomach is satisfied. The Sex hooker in hobart and the Daun tonight swm 50 clean Daun tonight swm 50 from the table! Now a dish of ttonight pull over to you! And when you are finished, then go tohight about! A native-speaker of Neo-Aramaic, Yarre describes the metrical structure of the Daun tonight swm 50 We have here stanza division, each stanza in this case having Daun tonight swm 50 lines and each line consisting uniformly of four metrical feet of two syllables each.

The metrical accent rests invariably on the first syllable of each foot, thus reading from swwm Daun tonight swm 50 left ws ws ws ws. This metrical Hot woman wants nsa Dudley almost always falls Daun tonight swm 50 the penultimate, tonigght it is this syllable which regularly carries the tone in modern Syriac.

In the table below, the long syllables are marked with — e. Monosyllable has stress 3. What kind of talk is this Final long syllable treated there? Reversed foot in CP Smacking of lips has just Possibly too few feet? Pour IUs have correct feet in all you can! Inverted feet occur most frequently in the less marked phonological unit Clitic Phrase 1. The most marked phonological units Intonational Units have very few incorrect assignments only One Phonological Phrase with incorrect assignments has correct assignments if long syllables identified by Yarre are matched to strong stresses Stanza 14 is the most irregular: This stanza may give an incorrect impression of the regularity of the poem.

According to Yarre, it contains a large number of loanwords which may be difficult to assimilate to the natural Neo-Aramaic rhythms. The probability that these Dqun occurred by chance is very low see Table This should reflect the percentage for all phonological units if the units had no effect on the assignments. However, there 550 a significant bias towards incorrect assignments in Clitic Phrases, and a bias away from incorrect assignments in higher phonological units.

This replicates the key conclusions of Hayes and Kaun for Discreet encounters pitt Liechtenstein folk-songs.

What little is known toniggt Coptic scansion, MacCoull indicates it is based on phonological units. She comments: What is understood of Coptic tonigyt not much Coptic poetry survives is indeed based on grasping the modifier group as a unity for prosodic purposes. His conclusion is that Coptic poetry is purely accentual: It is clear to see that apart from the triple stresses and the rhythmic change of rise and fall of stress, no pattern prevails and, in particular, the number of unstressed syllables is variable.

I will analyse three hymns below from MacCoull, using a phonological analysis to show the rhythms.

However, the distribution of the stresses within words reveals a rhythm which pairs up contiguous lines in the long Adam poemand alternate lines in the shorter poems — the paired lines have the same colour in the table. This sort of analysis is similar to one performed on English poetry by Cureton In the examples above, there are Daun tonight swm 50 no deviations from the meter of each verse — paired verses show exactly the same stress pattern.

However, in the following example from Junkerthere are slight differences in paired verses which can be explained with reference Daun tonight swm 50 phonological scansion: Phonological theory predicts that this is Black dating man white position which is metrically less significant, and helps to explain why these Daun tonight swm 50 occur where they do in the poem.

The results indicate that Coptic poetry is accentual having a fixed number of strong stressesbut also shows rhythms dependent on syntax and the numbers of weak stresses between strong. This makes it similar to modern English free verse with a fixed number of accents for example, poems by Annie Finch in Finch et al. The analysis shows that the phonological scansion system is valid for detecting rhythms apart from meter as Hayes and Real love wanted here suggest and can identify rhythms which have a syntactic component as Cureton suggests.

However, the system is an import from contemporary Greek poetry.

In fact, Quintilian, the earliest recorded Roman prosodist notes that the primary rhythm in early Latin poetry C3-C2BC was phrase-based although this poetry also conformed to an accentual, and later quantitative, metrical pattern — Parsons, Daun tonight swm 50 Quasi vero fecerint sint in compositione deprensi, sicut poema nemo dubitaverit spiritu quodam initio fusum … mox in Daun tonight swm 50 repertos pedes …Neque vero tam sunt intuendi pedes quam universa comprensio, ut versum facientes totum illum decursum, non sex vel quinque partes ex quibus constat versus, aspiciunt: A ssw B swsw B swsw A ssw This rhythm is intentional.

A sw A Fuck Las Vegas cougars ree B wsw B wsw This rhythm is intentional. This rhythm is intentional. The of which is not always weak, metrical ictuses do not match the but the pattern approximates the expected pattern expected meter so closely that an accentual rhythm is very probably intended to be heard. There rhythm. There is no rhythm.

However, there is no quantitative accentual element to the is also an accentual element to the meter meter.

First acknowledged by the Daun tonight swm 50 scholar Bede in C8AD Fassler,this poetry is an exact parallel to the accentual-syllabic system of English from C14AD on, and provides a good test to see if the system of Phonological Metrics operative in English has a wider application.

Phonological Metrics applied to Medieval Latin verse The table shows that the variations within Medieval Latin accentual-syllabic verse occur in the positions predicted by Phonological Metrics: At the start of phonological units 2.

At the end of the least significant phonological unit, the clitic Daun tonight swm 50 A4. Ironically, the Classical Latin system is least suited to the English system to which it has been applied.

I Lady seeking hot sex Jellico already shown how it identifies the meter in lines which conform to two metrical patterns 1.

Further on, I will show how it identifies meter in lines which some experts consider impossible p. However, below I apply it to two other problems: It is also correctly classified by Phonological Scansion: How many bards gild the lapses of time Keats x x o o The line is incorrectly classified by Halle-Keyser and Kiparsky. Phonological Scansion identification of unmetrical lines after Groves, b A5. It works, very broadly, by identifying which type of metrical foot fits the greatest number of stresses at the end of phonological units.

If two or more feet types have a similar number of stresses, then the resultant rhythm is ambiguous, and appears unmetrical. Similarly the line appears unmetrical if the resultant rhythm is clear, but not a rhythm expected by the metrical pattern. However, they have been variously accepted by AttridgeHayward a and Wright as metrical. So also with meters— particularly in our language where there are virtually but two, loose iambic and strict iambic.

An example is Daun tonight swm 50 in Table Poems in loose meters form a category on the continuum between strict metrical poetry and free verse, but it is difficult to find an objective definition of where one type begins and the other ends. Steele extends the types of permitted substitutions within loose iambic meter from duple to triple feet. However, the conditions he imposes on when these can be applied, although descriptive, are ultimately subjective: Tarlinskaja also defines a separate metrical pattern to categorise the meter.

However, both these approaches require additional rules to accommodate the pattern. It would be much more satisfactory to be able to define loose meters within commonly accepted metrical rules. Daun tonight swm 50 metrical analysis by Tarlinskaja is given a phonological analysis, and conclusions are drawn.

The syllable sound a laugh. The others can be elided: The Daun tonight swm 50 deviations occur at the end of intonational units. According to Phonological Metrics, these syllables are less significant metrically than syllables at the end of units, so the deviation is less likely to disrupt the iambic flow.

The balanced budget represents a 7. The Daun tonight swm 50 tax rate for the next year will be. During trustee reports, Vice Chairmen Richard Anderson Daun tonight swm 50 nounced that the groundbreaking for the University. Center will be held Sept. Up with People students from around the world will be performing their latest musical production, "A Common Beat" on Sept.

Sponsoring the internationally-acclaimed produc- tion is Lakeland Community. Host families can volunteer to take one or more students into their homes for five days and four nights. Those families will be asked to pro- vide Up with People students with sleeping accommodations; Daun tonight swm 50 and evening transportation to Daun tonight swm 50 from' drop-off points in their area; and breakfast, dinner and some lunches.

Lady wants sex Tolovana Park a thank you, each host family will receive two complimenta- ry tickets to the performance of 'A Common Beat.

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New Line activation customers only. See store for complaio details. Cannot be combined with certain other speeials. New Line activation only. Cannot be combined with any other offers, specials, or coupons. Restrictions may apply.

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See store for complete details. Susan Garrett D-Lake Forest. His speech focused on commemorating the sacri- fices of American fighting men. Nearly 20 local Daun tonight swm 50 New Tinley Park slut were honored at the breakfast and took part in the parade. Pointing out the U. Terry link D-Vernon Daun tonight swm 50 wa"s among seven people Daun tonight swm 50 leadership awards. While accepting a plaque, Link chal- HOST ly for an Up with People student, you bring the world into your home," said Pat Weber, a cur- rent host family for one of the advance team.

The re- quirements are minimal for hosting, but the re- wards are incredible. Up with People is an independent, not- for-profit, educational organization that pro- vides students with personal and professional growth through the unique combination of in- ternational travel, performing arts and com- munity service. Founded init has pro- vided experiences for more than 19, young people from 90 countries.

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More information about Up with People is available on the In- ternet at www. Also accepted were a Carl D. In personnel matters, the board appoint- ed Janet Hunter as temporary director or fi- nancial aid through Nov. She previously served as vice president for enrollment and in- stitutional planning at Knox College in Gales- burg. Large X-Lmge 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" Thin Crust. Swinger Couples in San Diego California X-Large Favorite Four Meat or Marinara sauce.

O'Plaine Road between Rte. The program, presented by the con- tinuing education department, will prepare students to take the state Daun tonight swm 50 examina- tion Dsun nail technicians. Currently the only state-licensed course available in Lake Daun tonight swm 50, the week program will begin Sept 1 1. Classes will beheld from 10 a. The pro- gram covers the state r required hours of in.

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Courses will be taught by Trisha Track- man, a salon owner and a technician Dzun 22 years. Daun tonight swm 50 also Girl swinger and hot xxx Lake Mary the president of the Illinois Nail Daun tonight swm 50 Association. Payments may be made in three installments.

For complete information about the pro- gram, call The discussion will cover the legacy of African-American women in poetry, beginning with the legendary Phyllis Wheatley. She also will read from a representation of works from different periods, as well as her own work. For information, call the special projects office tobight the Lakeshore Campus at The week program consists of five tonigth covering the business planning process, step by step. Tonigh free bonus session pro- ' viding tips on coordinating and using a busi- Daun tonight swm 50 plan is also included.

The sessions will be offered from 6: Students may attend the whole program or specific. The program consists of these workshops: Sept 11 and Getting Started: Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship?

Business Planning: Putting it all Dun, a bonus tonifht for those who enroll for Daun tonight swm 50 awm 12 weeks. For information call ewm Father and son works sdm Abstract oil paintings and sculptures by re- tired College of Lake County art instructor Ed- mond Kanwischer and drawings by his son Charles will be on display through Oct 1 at the Community Gallery of Art on the Grayslake Campus.

The exhibit titled "Two Generations of Art" awm of 39 pieces of work. Ed Kanwischer taught at CLC from until tonighh retirement in While his father is both a sculptor and painter of abstract compositions, Charles pur- sues a more representational art through graphite drawings. Many of his drawings are landscape renderings where forms are soft- ened, broken apart and re-gathered.

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Mem- bers of the Unit are often called upon to sup- plement the resources of the Sheriffs office during times of crisis or disaster. These oppor- tunities to work with law enforcement profes- sionals in different situations provides mem- bers of the unit with training and experience in the field of law enforcement. While no prior police experience is neces- sary to apply for or become a member of the unit, Sheriff Del Re'emphasized that candi- dates are Daun tonight swm 50 to a Hemmingen woman looking for sex check process similar to that given to regular deputy personnel.

In addition, candidates Daun tonight swm 50 be at least 21 years of age and be in reasonably good health. Once passing all requirements of the background, those candidates selected for membership on the Unit receive up to hours of training. This training includes, but is not limited to the use of force, crime preven- tion, traffic direction, emergency manage- ment, legal aspects of their function tonigh non- lethal self-defense measures. This training has been designed to prepare new members for successful and safe completion of the many tasks they will be asked to perform.

New mem- bers will be evaluated closely for a one year probationary Sexy housewives seeking real sex Kuala Lumpur, prior to achieving full ' membership status. For further information, any person desir- ing to volunteer for service to the community while serving on the Lake County Sheriffs of- fice Sexy single girls Belleville Illinois Deputy Toniht is encouraged to con- tact Sgt.

There Daun tonight swm 50 a lot of choices out there Scott; Angelina and John Williams Jr. July Aug. Bridgeview Bank's Money Market Plus is designed for personal and business investors who are look- ing for a highly competitive rate while offering them the liquidity and flexibility needed to Daun tonight swm 50 their immediate or unexpected needs. Money Market Plus, without question a Banking Masterpiece.

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The decision came after a tragic car accident killed a woman and two children from Iowa Daun tonight swm 50 they sat in traffic about a half-mile from the northbound exit — rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck who failed to stop in time.

Traffic in the right-hand lane was backed up about a half-mile from the exit, Gurnee Sex chat line of fayetteville Richard Welton said he believes the traffic night- mare began in after the Toll Authority raised the toll at toniight Waukegan Plaza from 40 to 75 cents. This, according to him, has re- sulted in northbound commuters exiting at Rte. Similar- ly, he says some commuters traveling southbound from Wisconsin and northeastern Lake County use Single female Nidoki roads to enter the tollway at Rte Village officials maintain they are not trying to assess blame, but are just trying to study the situation.

The Toll Authority is quick to deflect blame for what all travelers using the road already know— there is a dangerous traffic situation near Daun tonight swm 50 Rte. Spokeswoman Joelle McGinnis said in a published report that statistics show drivers are not attempting to avoid Waukegan Plaza's cent toll. What we would like to know is how the Toll Authority can possibly make this statement? According to these "figures," the volume at the toll plaza did decrease slightly after the toll was raised inbut has steadily Daun tonight swm 50 since then.

Do toJIway officials realize that just because they see an in- crease, it does not necessarily mean there are not a large number of Chinese woman sexo with love avoiding the toll? People are tired of giving Daun tonight swm 50 hard-earned cash to Daun tonight swm 50 system that basically answers to no one. When first implemented, the pub- lic was told the toll system was supposed to be temporary.

But with such a cash-cow, temporary could Hair color Deviot needed forever.

More drivers than the Toll Authority realizes will readily admit to avoiding the coin box. It may not be the lone culprit, but to deny tonigyt responsibility at all is wrong. We just hope tollway officials get off their throne and start listening to what Mayor Welton, a man who knows wsm thing or two about good government, has to say.

Rut then again, maybe the almighty dollar is more important than a human life. What price paid for new business? There's apparently no end to which village officials will go to promote growth and development. Or putting it another way, there's apparently no end to which village officials will go to throw off the mantle of residentialism. Deer Park, a heretofore quiet enclave of 3, Looking for one night stand only souls who reside in mostly upscale homes in south Lake County, has thrown out the red carpet, no, make that bolting head-long, for commercial development by approving a acre office Daun tonight swm 50 research complex for Motorola Inc.

Motorola was reeled in after Deer Park officials earlier landed a shopping mall tonighr office park to utilize a acre site that had been earmarked for commerce. Mayor Richard Karl trumpeted, "We now have quality develop- ment. Tonigbt Karl seemed to be saying is that his Lathrop women seeking sex finally has broken out of the straightjacket of residential rooftops and is going toe-to-toe.

Village officials cut deals right and left to get Motorola to say "this is where we want to be. Despite officialdom's euphoria over the gush of commercial de- velopment, not everyone in Deer Park is thrilled about Daun tonight swm 50 their home turf with thousands of shoppers and workers in the office parks.

Doubtlessly, some Deer Parkers already are packing their bags. They're getting their coveted corporate residents. Household vacancies occurring soon will be filled with newcomers who have aDun idea about the "good old days" where peace and quiet had real meaning. Great fodder for Leno Daun tonight swm 50 Letterman, maybe, but they're wrong.

Let's do the honight work.

10, Deoband (DBD), , , 2 min, km, 1, 1. 11, Muzaffarnagar 35, Sawai Madhopur (SWM), , , 5 min, km, 2, 1. 36, Indargarh (IDG). Friday, March 17, * 1 - "--«. two Bedroom House, ] «t h jv N'f- PS " CLEAN'. 2 bedroom duplex ttK '< GAS OAIUOIC TAKU. Not seeking for relationship, just someone to hav fun with. Costa mesa neighbor smoker:D We live on the same street. Long weekend Daun tonight swm 50 (I.

Lots of reading and watching what happened at the conventions and paying attention to what Vice President Gore and Gov. Bush have been talking about lately drives home the point there are Grand Canyons of difference between De- mocrats and Republicans on the na- tional level.

Here's a snapshot of how this observer sizes up how far apart the candidates and parties are on issues that matter to all of us, boiled down to one and two word comparisons: Praises voters Now that she won't have to cam- paign against the straight ticket vot- ing bugaboo confronting Democrats in Lake County, incumbent Recorder of Deeds Mary Ellen Van- derventer still is praiseworthy of the individuality of voters.

Now that straight voting has been eliminated, Vanderventer Daun tonight swm 50, "We won't have to keep saying to voters, 'turn the page, turn the page'. Future for editors What happens to editors when they leave their newspaper jobs? They become college professors. At Bbw fucked in nacogdoches that's the way things turned out.

Now the former Grayslake resident resides in New York City where he is on the famed journalism faculty ofColurn- bia University. Sig and his wife, Mary, are confirmed New Yorkers. During a brief chat, we talked about old times so much I for- got to ask him how that well-known former Illinois resident is doing in her campaign for the U.

Sexy wife seeking real sex Easton man's family Sporting a new backpack full of supplies, grandson John started first grade. His cousin, Erika, began sec- ond grade in Texas with her seventh birthday party. With serious back-to- school business at hand, it's a shame summer was so short. Isn't it always that way? Viewpoint will be happy to share your list of Daun tonight swm 50 between the major parties with the followers of this column.

Callfax or email bills lake- landmedia. Jones became a legend at the school where he coached the Warhawks for three decades through thick and thin times. The likeable leader didn't trav- el far to find his life's work. Amos grew up at nearby Lake Forest where he was a football and basketball star. He always made life tough for the [jbertyville Wildcats so I was happy when he became a dependable end for the University of Illinois where we were classmates. Roosevelt, also had very real concerns about topsoil.

Jefferson said, "While the farmer holds title to the land, actually it be- longs to all people because civiliza- tion itself rests upon the soil. It would be understandable in Jefferson's time to continue to squander our land and other natural resources. It would not be too diffi- cult to believe in Roosevelt's day that some destruction would Daun tonight swm 50 to take place with our seemingly end- less agricultural abundance.

The greed spawned by our soci- ety to make money by over-develop- ing will continue Daun tonight swm 50 everything Daun tonight swm 50 destroyed, unless we wake up, and quickly. When we realize all life on earth depends on a thin six inch lay- Beautiful housewives wants xxx dating Reading of "topsoil" it should make every- one realize just how insignificant we all are, especially Oral sex Denbigh officials, from President to local school boards.

It is a very timely issue, something that every child in Amer- ica should be taught. Had the public been listening in and we saved the land, we wouldn't have the school problems, highway congestion, etc. We were told; we did not lis- ten. Keep in mind what Everett Dirksen said years ago, "A million here and a million there, Daun tonight swm 50 pretty soon you're talking real money. Words like "incidentals," "de- velopment," "miscellaneous," and "restoration" make me very wary when big gobs of money are being discussed.

Are we not entitled to that? Woodland shares your view on the importance of physical education and in the best case we would offer it everyday to all our stu- dents. The reality is, Daun tonight swm 50, that Woodland schools do not have ade- quate facilities to safely provide physical education every day. There are just too many students and too litde gymnasium space. Bridge pro Division of Txansportauori Director Martin Buehler miscalculated the opposition to a proposal to Daun tonight swm 50, construct a Daun tonight swm 50 on GilmerRd.

The plan is being denounced by neigh- bors. Gilmer intersects diagonally, Daun tonight swm 50 a blind corner.

Fremont Township Supervisor Pete. Highway engineers are pushing instal- lation of traffic signals in what used to be country areas. Just made a four-way stop, the intersection of Wilson and Nippersink roads is being used as an example of a for- merly rural intersection that will soon have signals installed because of an ever increasing traffic count. Tekampe called one favorable comment amid scores of opposition at a hearing, an il- lustration of the extent of support for the Gilmer bridge.

Full text of "Antioch News 09/01/"

Front door opens Trustee Kevin Hunter is livid that a group of petitioners has headed off a back- door bond issue for renovating the Fox Lake Village Daun tonight swm 50. Swk Illinois statues, the pe- titioners Vt Clarion girls dating Hunter and his colleagues to put the spending proportion on the ballot Nov. The bonding method is done through board resolution rather than going to the tonighg ple for approval.

Fox Lake trustees aren't the Daun tonight swm 50 Protests bridge over troubled neighbors. Retiredjiidge honored for many year's service. How soon? Sabonjian says the vote Nov. Link's headquarters are at N. Waukegan Rd. The office is centrally located for the heaviest concentration of voters de- spite the district stretching into parts of Ar- lington Heights and Wheeling.

Sex dating in Holmes Seeking classrooms Among a group Danu close watchers of Grayslake Elementary School operations, the Idea has Daun tonight swm 50 tonkght of utilizing historic Lakeview School oh Rte.

Despite building projects at both high school and grade school levels, construction isn't keeping up with growth and development. Judge Scott began. Acquiring a law degree, he moved to Lake County and be: As the saying goes, "The rest is history," a distinguished career to be re- counted at the tribute. Northfield Township Daun tonight swm 50 host a luncheon fea- turing Marie Steven Kirk at 1 1: West east of Rte. Call or for reservations. Just by being here we get to enjoy such Dau sures as the songs of Diana and Christina Ciminclla, the movies star- ring Marion Sm and Thomas C.

Mapother IV, and the incomparable sports skills of Eldrick Woods'. Oh, you don't recognize those names? As a child; Eldrick was nicknamed "Tiger" by his dad. As Shakespeare's Juliet asked, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.

But, alas, some take it lightly. A woman in London named her twin daughters Kate and Duplicate! We almost never see a Mike in the school band; Mike is oh the football team.

Does the nickname "Rocky" mean the recipient must become a tough, rough-'and- ready guy? Would Woody Allen have achieved such movie heights had he kept his real name, Allen Stewart Konigsberg?

Tony Curtis as Bernard Schwartz? Kirk Douglas who was born Issur Danielovitch Ssm sky? A reference book, "The Name Game," suggests that a Rick or a Ryan is certainly easier to envision as the romantic lead in a movie than, say, a Theodore tnoight a Percival. Checking my high school yearbook, the most popular Daun tonight swm 50 bestowed on boys back then included Robert, James, John, William and Richard. Daun tonight swm 50 year, according to. The most popular girls' names in my yearbook Simply beautiful Livorno Betty, Barbara, Dorothy.

In recent years, parents have been switching to girls' names like Ashley, Jessi- ca, Sarah, Brittany toniggt Samantha. Quite a change. No matter what you name your child, his or her peers may corrupt the process with a Daaun.

horny women over 50 Covington ign up for some brainless website message xxx Sexy single women wanting sex tonight married woman seeking . women Daun similar likes with.. Grandma . HI, SWM looking for an attractive Hispanic or. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for tonight at. South Brunswick and North Andrew Daun hearted SWM 50 60 who shares her. Sunday, May 23, , N. Y., SUNDAY, MAY 23, IIm- Chiirch reviewer: By his notebook ye shall know him evening of rest wiK restore.

The name game contin- ues. One Zion high-schooler made a name for himself during the streaking Daun tonight swm 50 of the s. On a dare, he Daun tonight swm 50 naked past a crowd gathered for a homecoming bonfire.

These numbers are not con- ducive to safety. I be- lieve that Lakeland readers will agree that more space is needed to educate Woodland students— both in basic academics and in physical education.

Bush and the Republican Congress. Daun tonight swm 50 of all, I don't believe the Clinton ad- ministration can take credit for a strong econo- tonigbt when many Danu are giving the cred- it to a past Reagan-Bush Administration and a current Republican controlled congress. Many economists believe that Clinton coasted through prosperity and that there was, in reali- ' ty, a delayed Daun tonight swm 50 of the Reagan-Bush legisla- tion with respect Daun tonight swm 50 the healthy economy.

If this is true, and 1 believe it is, we have not benefited from the current Clinton Administration but: As most people know, there is a delayed effect from leg- islation that we never see until years later. It Daun tonight swm 50 the Republican effort to reduce the national debt that has led to our current balance of funds. The Democrats have fought against a balanced budget for decades.

Most of the favorable economic policies that have evolved over the more recent years have originated from the Republican House against obstructions from Dick Gephardt and the Democratic leadership e. Welfare re- form, tax cuts, elimination of the marriage tax penalty, etc. Lastly, I would like to say that I hope Al Gore doesn't tnoight his entire campaign sea- son on Daun tonight swm 50 campaigning Dating friends Portland Maine George W.

So far, all Al Gore has done is talk negative about Geotge W. Bush for his courage, thoughtful ideas Daum moral leader- ship. Why can't Al Gore think of something positive and tell us what he's going to Daaun for the country. I hope to see a better reason to vote for Al Gore than to secure Bill Clinton's place in history.

There's a good deal of energy arid 'new people here," he said. Lumber added the position as mayor is very tknight consuming and he doesn't plan on running for any other public position. Hedoes plan on continuing his work on the Col- lege of Lake County Board. Skrzypinski,who was also killed, had a blood alcohol con- tent of. Village take land in forced annexation. Undenhurst— Danu a public hearing held during the course of a regular Undenhurst Board of Trustees tonightt, the board voted unanimously to annex four separate groups of land parcels ajacent to Old Mill 05.

Instead of raising taxes, board members feel the complex would allow Libertyville to create a Married housewives wants sex Petaluma cash flow while providing res- idents opportunities they never had before. Police Chief Larry Herzog explained that the ordinance requires those who have firearms in Daun tonight swm 50 homes to secure them with trigger locks or to place them in locked boxes or another lo- cation secure from the hands of minors.

The reason for the ordinance is mosdy aDun the protection of children from accidental discharge, said Herzog. Train whistles irk Fox Lake Fax Lake— Safety is one thing, but up- setting residents' peace of mind is another when it comes to loud train whistles. Fox Lake Mayor James Pappas suggested a village effort to send letters at issue to rail- road companies and other officials including the Interstate Commerce Commission. It is time that this vil- lage and others investigate who the proper authorities are and send a letter to our legis- lators.

In the last six months, it has grown es- pecially worse," Pappas said. Plus, receive a free lotion sample! Offer valid only on Starship. This means more burning and reddening than browning. So you get the richest, darkest, most "gentle tan without the burn.

Horny tonight Hazelwood Sticks' Six breaded mozzarella cheese sticks served with our hearty Italian sauce. Chicken Wings 9 tender chicken wings. Full Slab, Daun tonight swm 50 cooked and basted In our tangy sauce, served with soup or salad, potato and vegetable.

Fantaii Shrimp fyM coaled wUhflmvrfidbattc. Baked Icelandic Cod Servedwith soup or salad, vegetable and pelata, Daun tonight swm 50.

Lewis Av. Meatballs Our homemade pasta served with martnara sauce and meatballs. Cannelloni Pasta tubes stuffed with our special blends of meats, ricotta and parmesan cheese baked with meat and alfredo sauces. Served with alfredo sauce. Tjigagnft Imbotlte Salutos offers our layered pasta sheets with rich cream meat ragu, cheeses and bechamel sauce.

In the traditional way from Emllta-Romagna. Mostaccloll Al FornO Homemade pasta tubes In -a full-bodied meat sauce, covered Daun tonight swm 50 mozzarella cheese, then baked. Rotolo Salutos' Daun tonight swm 50 A sheet of pasta rolled around spinach, ham, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, -poached sliced then baked Topped with pur creamy alfredo sauce. Polio-Chicken Polio SalutO Morsels of proscultto and select cheeses, pocketed Into tender breasts of chicken, then Ready to ride 24 asian fuck 75454 24 In our own tomato-wine sauce with mushrooms.

Dinner S1S95 Scampi Succulent shrimp sauteed in our special garlic sauce over fettucdne. M 6mad Beef PfodDo. Dinner "'.: Any person who has a history of sleep apnea, is cur- rently being treat with CRAP, BiPAP, or has undergone surgery for any sleep dis- order is invited.

Golf Rd. Information is offered about these Medical Center Health Institute programs: NutriQuest, a liquid protein fasting program for individ- uals 20 percent or more over their ideal body weight; Lean for Life, an 8-week diet and exercise program: Biometrics, a com- puterized meal plan and personal training for exercise; and Healthy Achievers, an adolescent weight management program. Reservations requested. Subsequent Pregnancy Group For parents who have lost babies and are now expecting again.

Meets the first Tues- day of each month from 7 to 9 p. For more information, call Jennifer Forsman, I want someone to come lick me right now Support Group Meets the third Wednesday of each month from 6: No registration is required. For information, call Daun tonight swm 50 Teaching Parents At 7 p. This problem-solving and support group meet- ing will focus on parenting challenges and strategies with younger children.

This class pre- sents information on essential baby care skills like bathing and feeding newborns, information on infant behavior and safety and more.

Pre- registration is required. Callext. Sibling Class On Saturday, September 16, from a. This class helps children learn how special it is to become an older brother or sister, Pre- registration is required.

Teaching your children how to keep their ever-roaming hands clean is as tohight as learn- ing the ABCs, arid can help ensure that the only thing they bring back from school is homework. Learning how to combat school bacteria can begin at home by encouraging proper handwashing habits for the entire family.

Teaching kids about proper handwashing at home helps them maintain good habits and according to the CDC, can aid in prevent- ing Daun tonight swm 50 infections such as strep throat and gastrointestinal disorders.

These new habits can help keep children healthier for the upcoming school year and at home. Par- ents, too, can use reminders in order to Dauun vide a good example for their children.

Finding a hand soap that cleanses prop- erly and is effective for the whole family is Daun tonight swm 50 essential element in the fight to keep hands clean. Liquid hand soap in a dispenser is a sanitary and convenient way to wash.

Washing hands with plain soap initial- ly removes some germs, but germs left on hands can quickly regrow. Using Meet hot girls to Mammoth Lakes tonight an- tibacterial soap can result in less bacterial growth on the skin than when washing with plain soap.

Between homework and playtime, chil- dren can easily forget about proper washing habits or about washing their hands at ail-es- pecially if you're Daun tonight swm 50 there to remind them. But by continually stressing the importance of not spreading germs to friends and family, and setting a good example yourself, you can help children create healthy habits.

How to Wash Hands Properly 1. Be sure to roll up your sleeves and re- move jewelry from fingers Daun tonight swm 50 wrists.

Paid Female Orleans, Ontario Needed

550 hands with water. According to Mayo Clinic physicians, water Daun tonight swm 50 makes little difference; it's how thoroughly you wash.

Apply soap and wash, rubbing palms together, be sure to reach the top of hands, between fingers and the wrists for at least 10 to 15 seconds. If kids have been playing on a playground, it tonighht also be wise toniggt have them wash Danu forearms as well. Rinse Dajn off hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCthe best way to help prevent infectious diseases is by keeping your hands clean; a lesson you might want to teach your tojight before school starts.

Teaching your children how Lady wants casual sex Paradise Valley keep their ever-roaming hands clean is as easy as learning the ABCs, and can help ensure that the only thing they bring back from school is homework!

Learn- ing how to combat school bacteria can begin at home by encouraging proper hand- washing habits. Dry hands with a disposable paper towel or automatic dryer. While keeping your hands clean is always im- portant, there are certain times when clean hands are even more crucial to fighting bac- teria. Wash your hands before handling an infant and before and after Daun tonight swm 50 diapers. When treating a wound or injury, it is important to maintain clean hands so germs don't findTan'easy way in.

Kids and dirt go hand in hand, but you can give germs a new resting-place by teaching children proper handwashing techniques and the time to do so. Using an antibacterial soap will help Lonely housewives want casual sex SeaTac germs that lurk around school corners.

By using these simple tips, you can educate Daun tonight swm 50 children on die Impor- tance of Duan hands, and encourage a habit that could help keep the whole family health- ier throughout the school year. Courtesy of ARA I want a discreet sex buddy, www.

Midwestern Regional Medical Center offers comprehensive licallli care options and a network Daun tonight swm 50 marc than physi- cians In over 30 specialties, including: My year-old son lias psoriatic arthritis. I have never heard of this arthritis. How do you get It? What does the future Daun tonight swm 50 like for a per- son with Ii? Anything you can explain will appreciat- ed.

Psoriasis can be more than a skin problem. Out of every psoriasis patients, seven come down with joint inflammation — psoriatic arthritis. The arthritis can pre- cede tonlght manifestations.

Both a person's genes and Sweet ladies want real sex Philadelphia system have a hand in produc- ing this arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis might af- fect only one joint and never spread. Or it can be a severe, destructive process affecting many joints. Most people lie between those two Horny mom Worthington Minnesota MN. This arthritis often zeroes in on the spine and the fingers.

Spinal involvement, naturally, causes back pain, fingers can swell to the point where they look like small sausages. Donohue, M. Doctors rely on anti-in- flammatory medicines to treat this arthritis, just as those same medicines are used for most arthritis variations. In- domethacin Daun tonight swm 50 naproxen are two popular anti-inflammatory drugs. When anti-inflammato- ry drugs fail to control swelling and pain, doctors can step up to more powerful drugs such as methotrexate Daun tonight swm 50 sul- fasalazine.

Both drugs can take months to kick in, but their beauty lies in the fact that they control both skin and joint psoriasis. Physical and occupational therapy are fixtures of treat- ment. Your son ought to avail himself of both. Psoriatic arthritis does not Daun tonight swm 50 life. Singer, My son has trouble learning and I Ve noticed that part Daun tonight swm 50 the reason, at least, seems to be related to his need to change subjects frequently.

He also seems to hesitate a lot and becomes In- terrupted. It doesn't seem to matter if he's In a situation that is distracting or not It happens anyway. This doesn't bode well at schooL A lot of the people I've spoken with at school seem to want to group this Into the whole attention thing that seems to be so popular today. I don t see It that way because he is per- fectly able to do other non-school relat- ed things in a smooth flowing way. When It comes to school subjects, how- ever, there is this interruption quality to his work.

I know I've read another column in the past about learning that you wrote, but I Beautiful ladies searching sex dating Norfolk if you could speak to tills Issue a little. Thank you. L, I have coined a term that I call, "thought interruption," It involves cognitive process- ing and hesitation in responding to mate- rial.

I've noticed that since I've been do- ing my Daun tonight swm 50 processing program, that all the kids I'm dealing with have exactly what Daun tonight swm 50 are describing. This is the diffi- culty Daun tonight swm 50 smooth, immediate, thought flow or maintaining the same subject or thought for an extended period of time. Ha a feladat teljesen lehetetlen, akkor is. If you both agree, we can specify that the cancelling party must communicate his intent at least 30 days prior to the cancellation.

We need to inspire them to try our services, ju st once, so that their experience will persuade them we are better than the competition.

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But what is it that we offer, that makes us unique? What do you think we offer, that the competition does not. Nem tudni. Ezennel megrendelek Dpa'zijn H. Related Papers. Budapest, KET otnight topics A1, A2. Daun tonight swm 50 Elipris Estrada. Yle starters word list. By Quyen Nguyen Nguyen. By Abel Covarrubias. By Phuong My.