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Reading From a Distance
This episode we discuss giving readings from a distance vs. in person. Is there a difference? We’ll let you know what we think.
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Readers Reading Readers
This episode we bring you something different, a bit of a treat! We’ll be performing two card readings… on each other! Take a listen and get a peek into our lives as well as our reading styles!
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Kate question #1: Which endeavor to focus on next?

Ronda – 3 of Pentacles

David – Faith (The Heirophant)

Ronda question #1: How best to detox from negativity experienced during travel back home?

Kate – King of Swords

David – Judgement

David question #1: What approach to take with selecting auditions?

Kate – King of Wands

Ronda – Knight of Wands

Kate question #2: Choosing naturopathic vs. allopathic treatment for a specific health issue?

David – 2 of Wands

Ronda – Knight of Cups

Ronda question #2: How much focus to place on a particular endeavor/project?

David – 2 of Swords

Kate – 6 of Wands

David question #2: What sort of vacation should I consider next?

Kate – 6 of Pentacles

Ronda – 9 of Swords

Dr. Andrew Weil – Integration of Holistic and Western medicine

 The Lost Summer Episode
This episode we bring you the “lost” episode from this summer, a little something to fill in before the season starts. We do a bit more deconstruction of various cards, as well as entertain some tangents. Here we go!

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Ronda’s deck: Witches Tarot

Kate’s deck: Linestrider Tarot

David’s deck: Ol’ reliable (Rider Waite Tarot)

Dharma Drum Mountain

Joy Star

Star Talk Radio

Summer Special Mini-Episode (July/August 2016)

Welcome to our July summer special episode! We discuss how working with the Tarot shifts during the summer season. Join us as we discuss other non-Tarot related topics as well. It is summer, after all…

== Notes and references ==

Wiccan Sabbats and rituals

Books by Scott Cunningham

Animal Wisdom Tarot

Animal Wise Tarot

Linestrider Tarot

Sexy Tarot

On this episode we talk about everyone’s favorite topic… sex! We discuss sex in relation to the Tarot regarding symbolism, sexy decks, sex readings, and our fun draw-a-card sex game!
== Notes and Links ==
Christiana Gaudet – Fortune Stellar (book)
Kate’s interview with Christiana Gaudet
Erotic decks on Aeclectic Tarot
Royo Dark Tarot
Kate’s Court Cards in Bed!
Judy Tenuta, comedian
Woodlands – Tarot board game
Tarot by Alexander Daniloff
Kate’s ebook – Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex, & Relationships
Ronda’s ebook – Modern Oracle Tarot: Hello
David’s audiobook narrations

Q&A 3rd Round

Once again we bring you another delightful Q&A this episode! We answer many of your questions as well as some of the most frequently asked questions, and a couple of ones that take you down the rabbit hole!
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Article on seven year cycles
Kate’s article regarding when the same card keeps showing up
Hello From Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
The Highest and the Best: A Gifted Healer’s Vision of Third-Millennium Medicine and Humanity’s Intuitive Evolution by Sallie Christensen and Gina Mazza Hillier
The Healer’s Manual: A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Therapies by Ted Andrews
Tarot of the Silicon Dawn
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Getting Ones Tarot Groove Back

This episode we discuss various influences in our Tarot practices. What inspires us and keeps us going? Where can we draw inspiration to keep Tarot fresh for us? See what we have to say about that.
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