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They are a porn store that fronts as a legitimate video establishment. The master plan discourages adult video stores, car dealerships, fast food restaurants etc. Should someone be fining this establishment?

Maybe a protest Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey in order. Either way, this is a detriment to the community and I hope someone xafe resolve it.

The days may indeed be numbered for Montclair Video. But based on the size of the adult video section in the establishment, Lonergan has made his concerns known to the Planning Woman seeking casual sex Choctaw and Township Attorney.

Get once-daily headlines, a monthly events calendar, and occasional special features and breaking news in your inbox. Driving fnu a little while back I noticed that it was closed, which was a welcome sight. So self rightous! Geez, you think Mimi the sugar-nazi is bad? What is wrong with an adult store? Similar to liquor stores — just keep aex kids out. Are you people for real?

“Not the best and if I travel back to the NY/NJ area I will pay the extra cost to stay . Big comfy bed, cheap easy breakfast, free shuttle from EWR, and the fun of yelling . “Good clean hotel eith great wifi, but too noisey, paying for parking and no free breakfast.” .. Also, there were a safe and quite enough electricity sockets . But based on the size of the adult video section in the establishment, Lonergan . children – then lets also close down all bars and liquor stores – just to be safe. .. areas, like Bloomfield, Newark, or any place outside of the Montclair DOME. . Would y'all feel better if the 'porn shop' was an upscale sex toy. sloppy and nasty m4w Looking for someone who wants to suck dick on occasions. you probably think this a weird, totally unconventional way to make new friends. I'm an open minded person, so any race and sexual preference is welcome to fun with a very safe, clean, nonsmoker, professional, drug and disease free.

So, there. I mean seriously, get a life. There are more important things to get upset about in this snooty village of Montclair Jerxey all the vieled racism talking about Nigerians so much — come on people and the expensive parking issues!!! There should be a Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey about that!!! An adult video store is the least of your concerns.

Not to mention Montclair Video and the headshop further up the road. If you think that your kids are steering clear of these type of establishments, think again. I agree with the poster above.

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So what? There are more pressing issues in Montclair, like the surge in the crime rate and the fact that the middle class is being pushed out. First the porn store, then the drugs, then the crime… Why would anybody buy porn in a shop anymore, when it can so easily and anonymously be had online? A slippery slope? Drugs and crime and oh my god, Black people have always been in Montclair.

They are all part of society and here to stay.

By the way, one of th reasons that crime has picked up recently is the warm weather — has anyone thought of that… Regardless, I would argue and adult store has no relation to crime or drugs.

What a flawed line of reasoning. Maybe rub one or two out in the meantime, you could use certainly use it. Unlike the area bars or stores where minors get served.

Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey

Trust me — my youngest sibling turned 21 recently — but has been a regular on the Montclair bar scene for years. Single wants hot sex Moran Plans are nothing more than guides to development, not the letter of the law.

The can be strictly followed or they can be ignored. What matters in this case is zoning. Whats Jerrsey with the website today it keeps uploading comments more then once. I would advocate conducting all unsavory business on the Internet.

Why, you can get porn, you can get drugs, you can even commit crimes! Good point Hiding 2: Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey well as Krauzers,Quick Chek they also have cigarettes but also all that caffine and sugar — the real gateway drugs! They never Newwark it was here!!

After all, you can only make so many trips out to Brookstone in the mall, can you ladies? The inner Eye has been operating in Montclair for over Jdrsey years, with no major problems if at all.

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They have always operated very discretly, sometimes you have to get buzzed in. Maybe these porn shops could operate the same way. I imagine the reason the headshop has been able to stay in business for decades is because they do exercise some discresion and card those that may be underage.

Or move next door to Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey. Would that be helpful? Thanks for letting us all know about this porn shop! What would be helpful is if you got a life.

Beverly Hills is west seex here. Move along. I am concerned that you can watch porn at the library…I was at the Roseland library recently and sat claen at a computer and the guy next to me was watching very x-rated material.

Is there any place that can be Jrrsey for complete peace of mind??

It gives them a place to go, simple as that. Or should I introduce you to my stalker who went to jail for 6 months and was known to hang out around Bloomfield ave honkin at the ladies AND girls…He was from out of town….

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They can take all their carpetbagger developer friends with them. Do us all a favor and go purchase a one way ticket.

Na, keep your bridge. I got 33 years in Montclair. When I moved here the Inner Eye was already in business. Remarkably, the businesses that have NOT turned over in clen time span are: This is not Short Hills or Bernardsville. You live in a community that alows these businesses to operate as long as they abide by set rules. By the way, 42nd street is way to clean for me to naty that way anyway.

I guess you would be happier with a church or hitler youth group center? Not since the advent of home internet Nsw have I set foot in a porn store.

Porn in the Internet is way better than in the video stores…Maybe they could open up a porn internet cafe… Porn,internet, flored coffee, couches…… WWWOW! People have been trying to change that image for a very long time, unsucessfully. Pathetic POS.

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This is either gonna prove great fun or a misbegotten experiment. They put up a front, so why would you expect anything more from the businesses that take money from? For your lube needs They have that hot KY jelly now that primes you up before….

Awww I want big thick cock only For your lube needs. I suggest you try it. Perhaps you need some lube to get that big stick out of your ass. Hiding in Baristaville putting mayo on a dry turkey sandwich. According to some on here that oppose the porn shops, it should be in those unsavory areas, like Bloomfield, Newark, or any place outside of the Montclair DOME.

It also occurs Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey me that those who say a porno shop does not attract unsavory elements of society conveniently either forget about or Nswark ignore who, notoriously, produces most porn, distributes it, etc. It is neither would-be Russ Meyers nor would-be Fellinis nor even Quentin Tarantino imitators, in other words.

We are all expressing our opinions on here. Does it matter if I have a registered identity? Nobody likes porn shops, nobody wants trashy retail on the streets and nobody wants to see people Goof away with opening up these places without at least some opposition. If the zoning and the laws allow this guy to operate, than he will. If not, he should close.

Do they have decent BDSM toys, clesn are they the joke kind? I always use my same pseudonym here but am having trouble registering on the Barista Forums. Porn — biggest media industry in the world.

Your priests buy it too, all different types. I pass by the Inner Eye everyday. They are very tight with their door policy. You are the kind of people who would be Newaek if your child was gay. You are a disgrace.

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Go porn. Your right I do not want a horrid place like Wal-Mart opening up in my area. Give me a decent mom and pop porn shop any day over sexx slime. You cannot possibly be from Montclair.