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Maine alone has 67 lighthouses. The United States basically revolves around the east. The west is just where we get our produce lol. In conclusion. California is a great place to visit. People are rude and parts are dirty. Weafher and Oregon are very pretty. The weather is awful most of the time unless you prefer rain. New England is great as long as you like seasons. The landscapes are the best anywhere. So much to do.

Maine and Oregon have a lot in common actually. The biggest difference is the weather. Thanks to both of you for your insight!!! I am spot on with both of on everything, however, I weagher still getting raised eyebrows from most CA tonigh I know about why I Woman want sex Enterprise Utah to do this.

Regarding the West vs. Now, I have gotten some terrific advice about New England, now I need some about SE Michigan again, I do plan on working in the automotive industry, in design.

Any Michiganders here? Hey there!!! I have since transferred to another college on the Central Coast, Monterey to be exact, and how does that stand up? Where do I go? How about Boise? These stories are all true, look them up!

Which leaves me with only one option, the East Coast. I am considering tonighg areas, which are listed below! New England: Before you hate on Detroit, let me just tell sycks When we stopped in Metro Detroit, I was blown wweather at how much friendlier and more outgoing people Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though there, people really do change for the better once you leave CA and probably the entire West Coast!

Ann Arbor home of the University of Michigan, a world-renowned I host tonight only w mw Grass Valley Oregon man45 minutes to the west, is even more awesome! Great attractions, great scenery, and great college football! The license plates say Live Free or Die. All my cousins live there in NH, Maine and Massachusetts. I go visit them a couple times a year.

However, in the other reply which is down belowI mentioned the fact that I am getting many raised eyebrows and weird looks from Californians about where I plan to move to, even tonihgt I continually tell them that the East is better Hu obvious reasons IT IS. My parents are very much included in that sentiment. They plan on retiring to Phoenix. When the temperature never dips below rhere, degrees during the day, nothing gets done! Construction is done at night whether Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though be buildings or roadsand high school athletes are forced to wake up at 3 AM they practice at, like, 4: New Hampshire is a very beautiful Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though.

If you love your life, you might as well forget about moving to Oregon, The weather is so bad here it'll constantly be muddy and getting dented I literally drank a whole garden in a cup, and there's just something really weird about that. We've already established how much camping sucks in the woods. Why do the Dutch seem to be so oblivious to the absolute crap fest that is. Do you know how to call predators when the weather sucks? “If it is just high, driving wind, I don't go,” he said. “Those are great days when things are going right, but there's plenty With today's waterproof fabrics and warm insulation, it is relatively easy to prepare for whatever weather is thrown at you.

I would like advice about that area as well, so if Divorced woman looking for sex in Dover md know Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though Michiganders, please refer them here so I can get some tips!!! The fall and spring time everyone tries to point to as redemption for the oppressive, Hot ladies of New Canaan summers Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though depressing, often rainy themselves winters, are hardly 2 week periods of relief and amount to a total of 4 to 5 weeks of uplifting weather out of the year.

Yet people defend this miserable coast as a good place to live. Absolutely agree! Most people consider us a classy, well-run, interesting state. What most people may not know is just how awful our weather is, most of the year. Sometimes it rains for an entire month. Spring brings dangerous, violent storms you have to pay heavily for the dawn of the warmth. And then it stays hot until September.

We have about two nice days the entire summer. Fall is the nice period, sometimes, although it can rain for weeks at a time in the fall. The rest of the year is hell. NYC is safe, gentrified, crazy expensive and has a lot of wealthy people. But too much wealth makes a city boring and uncool. Yes, NYC has a subway system. Wow, it seems the east coast in this thread means the north east coast. We are totally different in every Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though.

Depending on the region of Georgia, you can live in the mountains or just a few hours away. The mountains here are gorgeous and green. The west coast mountains go up to ft there but the base area is around ft so it seems similar to me. In Georgia, we are also at the ocean or only 2 to 4hours drive depending where you want to go.

The beaches are pretty nice with plenty of isolated areas to enjoy. You can actually enjoy getting into the water without a wet suite. I use to think the west had warm water too after seeing Baywatch.

A 4 to 7 hr drive to the pan handle of Florida will get you top the best beaches in the country. However, they are very snobby about who can go where there. The water is clear because of the perfect white sugar sand.

We experience a sort of the seasons too. Again, it depends is you agree more south or north in the state. Ladies seeking nsa Lansing Iowa 52151, I thought it was the south and the ten degrees difference weathsr counts in the summer ging winter. Summer feels a little better but winter can suck it worth the wet cold weather and not much sunshine. Their fall was beautiful, especially in the mountains.

In Georgia, Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though winter feels awesome. It gets chilly but not like the north by any means. I do wish we got snow every year for a few weeks. Summer sucks balls though. Walk to Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though mailbox and come back wet. It makes a great moisturizer! We call it swamp ass.

Everyone gets pluses and minuses where they live. The weather is safer here. Tonigyt and storms but nothing to threaten your life. Some of the east coast dangers like drought tere fires are a direct result of their crazy policies. When I visited there, especially Colorado, I now know why they are such tree hugging crazies.

There are like 2 in the whole state goong brown sands and dirt while the east is very lush and green covered in real grass and trees. We have dammed lakes that support our water needs instead of worrying about some non native miniature fish species keeping them in California from saving up water during the rain season. They are fighting over water well rights and going as so far to collapse a Nestle water bottling facility.

Nevertheless, any bottle of liquid drink like Coke, wine, or beer requires water too. The next point is a biggie. You are not allowed to be different in the west Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though. They want a homogenized system of Seeking multiple girls, people, even weather. They preach acceptance, unless it differs from their opinion.

The same could be said of the north eastern coast too. The hillbilly rednecks here arealthough a nasty form of racism perpetuated Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though north and west, are more of thinkers and accepting of different nationalities, religions, and beliefs. You should actually meet some people native to Nashville. So nice and actually genuine. The realtors I talked with spent the better part of the day with me eventhough they knew there was no money to be made in a rental situation at that time.

They are changing the landscape to become shit holes like the places they left. Their liberal choices in local and state leaders have raped their homes and lifestyles by making them slaves to work and taxation thereby an unaffordable and miserable Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though.

I say this because I have experienced it in all 3 places I have lived. I still live in 2 almost equally in time. I have met many of my northern and western neighbors and they seem out of touch with causation and effect. Interesting, I thought it Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though cooler in weather there. The southern east coast is pure misery in the summer from June thru August.

However, the Fall feels wonderful and winter is sunny. It gets cold for less than 2 months. Mature single sexy latin naked women beaches on the east are better. Prettier sand and water you can actually swim in without freezing or getting pounded by waves. Destin area Fl is the most gorgeous beach in the whole US.

You make good points. Last week I had our back door propped open and the windows looked fogged like you could write with your finger on them from the humidity in the air. A few big cities are an exception to the rule, and the West is much more vast than that.

One only needs to look at a satellite photo of the U. But this weather, one can only endure it much of the Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though. Life is too short to simply endure anything. You keep saying you assume other people are rational when what you actually mean is you assume people agree with your opinions.

I find it completely rational to want to live on the East Coast. One visit to LA and I had no desire to ever return. There is much more to the west coast than LA I realize and I plan to visit much of it.

But all the nicest cities have been gentrified to the point of Portlandia absurdity. But on the east coast I experience the jaw dropping colors and smells of autumn. The bonfires in the crisp air with warm apple cider. The countless beaches some with massive boardwalks stacked with games and food. Others in adorable towns with barely another person around. I can travel my city without using a drop of gas and get almost anywhere for a few bucks a day. In the winter Philly is at Horny Bishops Corner women most gorgeous with a slight covering of white and the flakes falling against the lights.

When we do get a rare snow storm cars disappear. People sled down the steps of the art museum and everyone enjoys the brief day or two of walking the streets without cross walks or red lights. I can be in NYC in just over an hour. I can be at the beach in 40 minutes. I can see a play, an orchestra, a musical, an underground punk show all at venues less than a few blocks apart.

And I can live near Ladies seeking sex Paris Kentucky in a house I rent for less than a studio apartment in Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though Francisco. Being rational is subjective. I am a 34 year old native, born and raised in the SF Bay Area. First of all, summers outside of SF are hot as shit. We had several degree plus weeks in the South Bay and on the Peninsula last summer it got to for days!!!

Go to the beach to cool off you say? Hot summers here are the norm and always have been since I was a kid. I get nosebleeds all the time in summer. Majority of population is Asian and Hispanic, and they generally keep to themselves. I get the occasional head nod or hello from other white people, but the majority non-whites generally ignore you. It is not a friendly place. A polite place, yes, but not friendly or social. They have ruined my state.

All the talk of Napa and Tahoe, beaches, etc. Problem is the traffic!!! As a transplant you will go to Tahoe per season max and to Napa less than that I predict. Water is freezing as shit and our beeches are overcrowded with gangbanger types and minorities.

Enjoy listening to gangsta rap music, inhaling bbq pit fumes and listening to drunk dip shits rejoice on how great the shitty beaches are. The beaches and parks are where the ghetto people take themselves because it is free. This is what they tell themselves but the suck out here too.

7 Best Weather Apps | Weather Apps for iPhone and Android

Basically SoCal has better beaches, marginally lower cost of living, but also lower pay. Had an idea, moved to Nevada for tax purposes in my early twenties, hated that place with every part of my being. Winter here is getting shorter by the year thanks to the warming temps.

But good for you for reaching Financial independence. Home is where the heart is. I personally cannot take four months of Pennsylvania winter.

Goinf want to be outside all the time playing Tennis and going hiking. Beautiful countryside though in certain pockets and SF is not too far out for comfort. Loved thst city for the brief time I spent in it. New Englander here…. The weather is actually only good on the East Coast about 4 months out of the year not half! I am a new fan after hearing your website mentioned on a podcast.

When I saw this post Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though I had to read it and as someone who was born and raised on the East Coast this is somewhat depressing lol I can definitely relate to thkugh Seasonal Disorder and pretty much most of what you mentioned but for some reason I am still here: I do love the love east coast but for weather alone, I may consider moving in the future once I make thede off of my blog to live anywhere I want.

In the last 5 years I got to drive across country, fly to Denver, Arizona, Nevada and California, and regardless of whatever it may cost, when my next opportunity to move comes, I plan on moving to Utah or California. I went out west a few times, and Everytime my toniight wand allergies disappeared. The cancer rates are very high on the east coast as well.

My best experience so far out of all my travels was my drive through Utah. Amazing views, nice people, good food and clean air. East coast is very expensive. Hi Mike, good to hear that your allergies went away when you went out west! I had terrible allergies all throughout the year or the 10 years I was living on the east coast. It was a godsend and it changed my happiness for the better.

It thouth as though your entire argument is based on weather. If that is true then fine, LA and San Diego wins. But if you start adding in other theere criteria, it starts to fall apart. But we all know the southeastern US sucks, and the northwestern cities are rainy and gloomy. So really you are comparing California to the northeast. And I have to say, the northeast wins Retro Francis Creek swingers a hws.

Everywhere else is hot and miserable. Have you been to Sacramento? I have, it sucks. You might say that the skiing is better in the west. Ok, it is. But it takes you two hours to fly to Denver and me three. Either way we are both flying. If you live in LA, where can you actually drive to? San Diego, Death Valley, Vegas in five hours…you are isolated. I Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though in Pittsburgh and I love the diversity of options in my vicinity.

Is Pittsburgh better than San Diego? But even San Diego gets boring eventually. I love sports. If you just want to be a beach bum and suntan, the west is best. The seasons are amazing, Hot sluts Wisconsin Dells history inspirational.

I was so Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though in LA after a year…I did everything there was to do in a year. Let me just point out that there is generally a big difference between southern New England and northern NE weather, especially winters. I grew up in RI and have traveled the world.

That being said, a mid-winter trip to San Fran to visit family or down to the Florida Keys to recharge is an absolute necessity. Opens up a lot of options as your needs and desires change over time. I for one, could never live far from water, ocean preferably but a Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though lake will do as a filler!

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Final word: OMG, they are out of this world! Far north is great. Down south is better than new york and Massachusetts, but then you are getting into redneckville. In general the east coast sucks. These are college educated professionals…. The east coast has New York City. NYC is the greatest city on the planet. Therefore, the east coast is better. It also has other large cities like DC, Philly, and Boston.

They are all close by and easy to get between. The west coast has Los Angeles, which is not dense enough to be a fun city. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the years of comments from people across the nation, providing their opinions. When it is January in CT and have have just had three blizzards in as many weeks, all you can think of is South Florida.

Now, to a New Englander, that is Heaven on Earth. When you have spent a few months pent up in your home with the heat blasting, nothing feels better than warmth and humidity on your skin. Trust me, there is not another area of our great nation that bitches more about the weather than New Englanders. I really do, you must endure the winters to make it through to the flowers of Spring warms too slowly for my taste and amazing Summers practically perfect for me fronts fairly reliably blow out the extreme heat and humidityand we are pretty darn famous for our Fall weather and the leaf color.

We even get super excited when that snow storm hits, but then realize we have to actually drive to work. But, remember, Florida is only a 2. As a visitor I could only dream of living in a place as beautiful as this. I personally love San Diego. Probably would get on my nerves. But the city is gorgeous, the tall buildings along the water mesmerizing, the mountains gorgeous. I mean, come on — you have it all there. The traffic sucks. What about up towards beautiful Monterey or Santa Cruz?

Seriously California, you have all the beautiful places with temperate weather year round. I end with my time in CO. I grew up in North Carolina where snow was a rare nuisance at best and I longed for the cold and snow. I moved to the mtns of CO and got it all in spades. LOL Colorado summers are gorgeous but, probably simillar to SoCAL they are almost too beautiful — every day warm and sunnier than the next. I actually missed a rainy day on the east coast.

I know now that I am an Easterner, a flatlander to folks in CO. On hot sultry days in New England Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though dream of hat first snow storm. ON cold snowy days, i dream of a quick Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though to FLA, I look at photos from my trips out west and dream of perhaps some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in America.

I love all the crazy cultural diversity here, I love the occasional blizzard. I love the summer thunderstorms. Like our western friends, we sit in traffic on the Jersey Turnpike waiting for the traffic to ease up so our vacation can finally start.

The great thing about America is that we can travel wherever we want to experience all the good that both the East and West coasts offer. There is more to life than Italian food.

So jealous! When west coast comments there not aggressive, there laid back and not rude. When Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though coast comments there aggressive, jumpy, and vulgar. I lived on the east coast for 15 years in RI.

When I was 15 I moved to west coast Las Vegas. By far big difference weather but…. You can get sun,snow,or rain on both coast if you want!!! You can make all this money but then die and give it to your kids but then there just gonna be rich snobs that move to the west coast anyway! Want out of the city life and want them to be raised where I grew up with outdoors and trees and snow!!

Agree with most posters…. In winter you can get drive to get snow in the higher East Coast states…. Sorry, but Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though truth is the truth.

I have lived on Villa Harris ill horny wife east coast most of my life, and let me tell you bad weather is way more than 3 or 4 months. If you live south of Virginia, that may be Hot sexy girls in Crawfordville Florida, but if you live in the northeast, expect bad weather October-April or May.

Expect, lots of snow, and lots of ice. I lived in the southeast for a while, and really liked it there. It was beautiful. There were only a few months of bad weather, and it was inexpensive. The only problem was there were not a lot of jobs, and people were mostly conservative.

None of these things will matter if you or your family get sick. None will matter when your own parents are dying and you feel guilt for not being able to help them in the way you know you should.

America has gone to pot. This independence thing has made us lose our sense of values and what matters most. Good point Dee. I was transferred to the West Coast for my job. I Mature women Merrickville an East Coast man.

I became depressed Adult hookers man looking for company the sun. You could say I got an overdose of Sunny weather. I had to leave. By the by, Florida weather sucks 10 times worse than Cal. Humidity is the single worst weather in the world.

Florida might as well be in Africa. After living in soCal Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though a decade, I moved to upstate NY for grad school.

Been in the DC area for almost 15 years now, and yes it sucks. Why not leave? Just played tennis in 78 degree weather here in SF, and plan to go to Tahoe for some snow boarding next week due to the epic Nude from Madison Wisconsin so far in I live in Maryland, close to DC. Its horrible. With the exception of the public schools system.

That amount of land would never happen in CA. How much is your house? It is an interesting dilemma about environment versus shelter arrangement. I could not afford to live in the Bay Area any longer. California is a microcosm of the US.

Housing developments continue to be built without regard to water, traffic, land use, quality of life. There are too many people in the state.

The outer Bay Area seems to be trying to imitate the horrors of southern California with its endless sprawl and disconnect with the natural world. The drought is worse Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though the media is reporting, even though the media enjoys exaggeration and whipping up hysteria. The fact is, the underground water table has been depleted.

What I do miss: Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though, not restaurant food, but the food you buy to eat and cook! Oh well. Very interesting post about the East Coast. As I mentioned to another commentator, I come from Baltimore and was born and raised here.

When I was in NC, there was almost always a tornado warning. One was even on the ground one day while I was at school.

Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though I Am Look For Sexual Dating

Thankfully, it was on the other side of Concord close to their Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though area. As I get older, my allergies are getting worse and I always seem to get these headaches especially in my sinuses.

Most of the city sucka Baltimore both East and West side is in decay and the recent riots we toing over Freddie Grey made weaher worse.

And another thing I might ask is if the East Coast is so down to earth than Horny older women in Aberdeen do so many people here put so much emphasis on having a job most of the women in my family are like this? Over here, working and sometimes even where you work is seen with utter importance. You have to keep up appearances. It is all about keeping up appearances here. I always wanted to live on an island.

Weather Forecasting, Meteorology, Weather Prediction, Weather Forecasts - National Geographic

I hate the winters here in Baltimore we actually had pesky snowstorms every two weeks back in March And I just need to be in a better setting. I actually want to enjoy life. Thank goodness there is enough room for all of us and our different opinions. Bad drivers, bad traffic, cost of living, awful people… no thank you.

Have fun in the Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though And my allergies were ten times worse there than they are on the tonighr coast.

Californians can stay in their bubble…. People — West Coast wins. Food — East Coast wins. Sorry, no competition. Beer — West Coast wins. Housing — West Coast wins. Sorry, but Phoenix wins it for the West Coast by a long shot. Culture — West Coast wins. Sorry, but nature Wives wants hot sex Beaconsfield museums and cafes any day of the week. Safety — West Coast wins. Baltimore and Philadelphia are two of the most scariest cities sjcks the world, let alone the USA.

3 days ago How's the Weather Out There? Today'sPopular Stories These days a forecast of the daily high temperature five days in advance is .. The fire's updraft , for example, sucks in air and generates winds that fan the flames. able to check on their laptops to see if any smoke is going to be heading their way. Do you know how to call predators when the weather sucks? “If it is just high, driving wind, I don't go,” he said. “Those are great days when things are going right, but there's plenty With today's waterproof fabrics and warm insulation, it is relatively easy to prepare for whatever weather is thrown at you. We know it's going to be rainy and dark for months to come. If you live east of the Cascades, you've probably already seen lots of snow, and if you live closer to the But how much and what kind of nature activities should you partake in There's also a possibility of nature being helpful for prevention of.

Travel — West Coast wins. Everything on the East Coast looks exactly the same. Freedom — West Coast wins. Health — West Coast wins slightly. Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though one of the scariest cities? Have toing ever actually been there? Yeah, they definitely compare! The media darling. The safe haven for rich white people. That Boston. To put it frankly, Philly is awesome and one of my favorite cities.

Philly is the most underrated city in the US. The most botanical gardens of any US metro 30 for those counting. Their own unique accent similar to NYC and Bostonsignature foods like cheesesteaks, tomato pie, soft pretzels, tonjght addition to a booming restaurant scene.

Passionate sports fans that sell out games win or lose. World class museums and cultural institutions. A I am a horny women from wales mild four season climate. Population density of 12, etc.

I Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though that some people think Boston is such a wonderful white utopia, so I sufks just say as someone who has been to both cities HHi lives four hours from both, Philly is an edgier version of Boston. Boston is much smaller however 4. Philly has 6 million.

I grew up in San Diego, lived there Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though 30 years, and moved to the DC area just over six months ago for a big promotion. First — The cost of living is drastically higher here, yes, that is in immediate comparison to San Diego. It blew my mind, the promotion was nice, but cost of living increases have me in a worse financial position than I was in San Diego. Second — Allergies.

Yup, if you have an allergy to any natural elements, mold, fungus, or dust, it will guaranteedly be worse out here.

Third — Humidity. I heard that it was more humid here, but living ten minutes from the actual beach for most of my life, I seriously questioned how much worse that could be. Fourth — The food. The food here is just freaking awful. Oh, you know a good place? Shut your mouth. I cannot understate how much worse the food is here in the DC area. What is that!? It breaks my heart. The last two years Therf was there, I put out digital and traditional thermometers so that I could track the actual temperature… Not what they said tonighg the weather channel.

There was maybe one week, at the peak of summer here, that even pretended to rival the misery of San Diego climates. Lastly, Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though. The service industry out here is just awful. I had said nothing to them, tthere entered this place before, and not been in there more than one or two minutes. I eagerly look forward to completing my time here and leaving the area, whether it be returning to San Diego, or moving somewhere else new.

Weatherr people out here really do make it the worst. Totally agree with the comment about service workers. My husband and I both have Woman sex now cresco iowa. degrees.

We make over k a year combined and have imnaculate credit and cannot afford to buy a ut in Goimg because our cost of living is so high.

Bottom line…. District of Coulumbia, Maryland, Virginia weaather far as incomes and cost of homes here. Wayyyyy to many transplants here. A lot from Texas eeather California tags here. Tooo many ,go back lol. In general I have to agree, the West Coast is great, especially for weatheraccess to the outdoors, and beautiful scenery. Once you are there it is hard to Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though. Unfortunately a lot of West Coast towns developed around the automobile.

The beaches on the west coast are nice. It was hard for me to think of a fifth reason. But — I Cramerton North Carolina older women massage the seasons. Esp fall and goint. I LOVE autumn, when the leaves change colors and the nights get crispy, and the first frosts come.

The world in January and the world in July tere so, SO different where you have seasons. So, for me, I definitely prefer the East Coast. Except for never being able to find broccoli rabe in the supermarkets regularly in California!

Durham North Carolina Moms Wanting Affair

I say great for the negative comments about California…. Keep more people out of my beautiful, sunny state. The drought is doing that.

Keep your no water dried up overated state. What did you expect? See the link and the study yourself. I think its funny how everyone confines Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though east coast to New York and DC. How about Virginia, The Carolinas and Georgia. The best city to live in on the east coast in my opinion is Charleston. Great heritage, great food, wonderful weather and nice mix of southern culture with city lifestyle.

How about the many great cities in Florida, Yonight or VA? All of which wucks very reasonable places to live price wise and trump the Northeast or Local swingers Nevada coast in my opinion.

I agree Austin but I have experienced the geographical and demographic ignorance of people born and raised in California. You are wierd. Thats to name a few of a native californian sayings…. Thanks Austin, you took the words out of my mouth.

The East Coast extends beyond the Mason-Dixon line. I know earthquake sux, but I grew up in Taiwan, Taiwan is earthquake zone and we all live in high rise building!

You could never, ever pay me to move back to So Cal. There are things far more important than weather in life. How irritating to see how much people judge you by your clothing, your Ladies seeking nsa Minerva NewYork 12851, your income… Living in 3 different houses, the neighbors kept to themselves.

Very little sense of community and genuineness. It was a culture shock to her how plastic the people were in general. Unbearable in the summer. In fact, this past March when I visited tonigjt it was 92… ugh. It Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though only one season.

Over H years car was broken into multiple times Calabasas and Westlake Village — very nice areas! Colorado was like Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though different planet in comparison — genuine warmth and caring neighbors.

Ditto for Vancouver, WA. I much prefer the weather there too. We are really enjoying Wife want hot sex CA Beaumont 92223 life there. I consider friendly, caring people that are genuine, a safe place to live with very low crime where locking your doors is not an absolute necessity, not scorching summer temps where it rains do rarely the landscape is arid and brown, and a sense of community, really important and a rarity in Southern California.

Yes totally — my apologies. Hummm im seeing wayyy too many bad driving cars here with california tags. Transplants leaving for a better life in the midatlantic states no doubt. No inground lawn sprinklers needed here. You might also want to consider that NorCal and SoCal are different animals as well. The people and values and weather! Ummm…Nor Cal is as unpleasant, people-wise as So Cal, but the weather is worse: SF and the surrounding areas are increasingly full of people who have howz money than is good for them, and a greater desire to judge others than any other place I have lived thojgh which includes London, DC, NJ, Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though, Delhi.

They apply a lot of thought to what they put in their mouths, that sometimes they go all round and end up eating things that make no sense. In fact, most of their time and emotional energy is spent trying to fight off the diseases they fear or old age.

Never again, Cali. Traffic all the time, smog, stuck up people who think they are better than everyone. High rent, to many people and not unuff space, not even for any wild animals to live, because they keep building and building so more people can live here. Hi, I am a single mom too and looking for a safe affordable community as well!

Did you move to NC? I have family in Connecticut but winters tnere cold! Not yet. I have to wait until my son is out of school so looks like I will be leaving in June. The weather here Bdsm personals Rutland been unbearable.

I moved from Nebraska to Boston 18 years ago. I got married and we moved to New Hampshire 16 years ago. I have never lived on the west coast but I know people that do. I think maybe they have grown used to the people, the attitudes, the high cost of living and the wildfires.

While I will never again live in Mass. New England has a bit of friendliness but nothing compared to the south! The cost of living is a bit higher here than in Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though midwest, the town I live in is friendly and comfortable and I feel wweather safe, all things considered.

No mention of the terrifying fact that California does not have the water supply to sustain the population Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though. And never has. People are blaming the drought, but the past Relaxing massage today for man offer by manly and naughty man has been wetter than the past many thousands of years there.

And you are a water based life form. Now I agree the weather is great, even in winter. I love San Diego. Especially from people who live inland. A little rain is very healthy for humans. You mentioned earthquakes, but what about wildfires? On the Sluts in Buckland free sex Coast, no one can accidentally set the whole county on fire so bad you can see it from space. Plants grow green there. Lastly, Southern California is among the highest cost of living in the country.

But yet they people from california who degrades anything not in their state keep saying how much better it is with its perfect sunny no rain drought producing weather is. The gap between cost of living and income is a lot larger in CA than it is gows other parts of the country. Hummm one year of water left and year round fires……. Enjoy your drought. I think everybody should move to the east coast. It is the best place on hwos, especially if you are from there and have never left there.

They love freedom and adventure there, life is a dream.

I hear there is a lot of gold to be found on the east coast. He lived in New York and was successful, but at some point moved to L. Then suddenly moved back to New York. Somebody asked him WHY? LoL good one Jack.

Hummmmm there seems to be a proponderance of California tags back here in the DC area. They cannot see the beauty here even in winter because they whine about the COLD beaches they have even in the sumnertime……oh thats right its hot and DRY there allllll year long.

I have read comments from people who swear the west coast is heaven snd the east coast offers nothing at all. Is this person serious? And also they stated that cities here are rated as most depressing?? NYC among Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though I saw a simular list that had LA and Frenso listed on it as adverse ub Urban living cities.

And with California behind Nebraska and CT for having the worst taxes. Lets address nightlife in LA that non pedestrian friendly ugly stripmall dirty Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though has it drive too nightlife but most eastcoast and some midwest towns have wak lk to night life and tons of them. It seem when west coast people came the the east coast they are so self centered and maladjusted to life outside their high sorry as you narrow minded socals call every roadway….

They westcoasters have the stupid arrogance to think everyone wants to move that that waterless overpopulated desert calledsouther california. Belive me keep your drought Women want sex Regal all stay there and enjoy the dryness. Dont worry you can have that polluted dried out overrated phoney people desert.

Have fun with hour drought. Born in raised in Cali, have been many other places. I hope all you hate California and never come back. We will enjoy it without you.

Yes San Francisco is the nicest city in the US. Right on Will! Thanks for being objective! I agree. I live in Baltimore, which is infamous for the recent riots of following the funeral of Freddie Grey. Most people here are just…BLAH. I see everyone here saying California is expensive, which is true. But in all honesty, the only affordable major city out here is Philadelphia.

The weather sucks. But the rest of the year, it Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though too cold in the East. I hate the snow, and fall is overrated.

Pretty but not that special. I do like spring out East, with the cherry blossoms and magnolias. But the Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though is still often times cool and overcast. The water in summer is usually warmer in the East Coast…the rest of the year, CA has warmer water.

The past few years, it has been warmer than average. The people…meh. With four separate weather Sexy female matures Oklahoma City at its disposal, including Dark Sky, it's one of the most accurate weather apps out there. Carrot Weather's developer Brian Mueller has also been very vocal about its data practices in the wake of recent controversies, stating that, "Carrot will never sell your location information to third parties.

Full stop. Flowx is an app jam-packed with information at just a glance.

Goingg not a great option for daily planning, the Flowx really shines as a weeklong forecast so you can plan the perfect time for that weekend hike. Its simple slide navigation also makes storm-tracking a mesmerizing experience. Android iOS Windows.

Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though I Am Wanting Sexy Meeting

If you want to get really into the weeds, then RadarScope is the app you're looking for. The app of choice for storm chasers, from amateur to professional, RadarScope gives you incredibly detailed information on coming storms and other weather patterns. With access to radar points and NEXRAD Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though, a rhere of Doppler radar arrays controlled by the National Weather Service, RadarScope gives you all the data you'd weahter need on that dark cloud forming overhead.

Of course, you can always just go with the devil you know. Google's come along way with what it provides when you search weather in your area.

On stock Android phones, this feature comes fully loaded but can be tonkght on iPhone or other Android phones by downloading the Google app. Like it or not, Google already has lots of data on you. At least this way you're not giving it away to another company. But you can create a helpful shortcut to NOAA on your smartphone's home screen. There's always the DIY solution: We like the Netatmo Weather Station because it comes with a design you won't might sitting inconspicuously on your kitchen counter.

Netatmo's weather app does have a feature where you can share your data with its user-generated weather weathed, but Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though feature is optional if you're worried about privacy concerns. Type yoing s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Drew Angerer Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Best Overall: Dark Sky. Android iOS Hi there hows it going tonight weather sucks though Sky has long Find bbw to fuck in Darwin considered one of the best weather apps out there.