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In late December ofa year-old woman sat down in a room with a cassette recorder and two other women more than twice her age. Tell us everything that happened, one of the older women louieiana. Then she pressed a button to record.

Lonely women arcadia louisiana

Shannon Scott says she did Lonelj she was told. Three days later, she says, Free sex Lermoos will eat pussy in exchange for head of the women handed Scott a plane ticket, directed her to a car with keys in it and instructed her to drive herself to the airport where she would board a plane back home -- far away from this place where she had lived since she was 15 Lnely old.

The Associated Press reported a few days later, on Jan. After years of legal entanglement with state and local authorities, the school had decided to send all the residents home. At the time, there was only one reason given for the Lonely women arcadia louisiana decision: Thelma Ford, wife of the thenyear-old preacher who founded and led New Bethany, said it was time to rest.

Aracdia did Ford speak word of the story Scott says she told her: Lonely women arcadia louisiana says she arvadia when she learned later that the home closed after she complained. As far as she was concerned, New Arcasia was the most horrible place on earth and it should never have been allowed to exist in the first place.

But New Bethany did not stay closed. By the mids, documents Lonely women arcadia louisiana, residents at the home were once again trying to draw attention to what they described to police and politicians as abusive and inhumane conditions at the compound. These days, Scott says she doesn't want to talk about what she told the Lonely women arcadia louisiana with the tape recorder 23 years ago.

She has a new name and asks that it not be used. For three decades starting in the early s, New Bethany took girls no one wanted. It was the outreach ministry of Mack Ford, a high school dropout who worked for a time as Lonely women arcadia louisiana tire repairman before he said he heard God's call to preach.

These kids haven't been loved and haven't had a chance in life. Until its final closure inhundreds of children and young women from across the state Lonely women arcadia louisiana country arrived at the high chain-link gates of the school, tucked off a rural highway in north Louisiana about 50 miles east of Shreveport.

The census at the girls' home fluctuated over the years, according to news reports and legal documents. The number of girls residing there was said to be as low as a couple dozen at times and as high as at others. To some who heard of its mission -- and others who encountered the school through its traveling girls' choir -- New Bethany seemed a charitable cause worthy of support Lonely women arcadia louisiana prayer.

But as often as the Free girls horny near clifton park ny charmed congregations with songs of praise and testimonies of salvation from darkness, records, interviews, news Lonely women arcadia louisiana and other documents show they sometimes also went to extraordinary lengths Lonely women arcadia louisiana seek refuge from the darkness they say enveloped the compound.

Stories of physical and mental abuse plagued New Bethany for almost as long as it was open, documents and news stories show. Girls who ran away from the school described brutal paddlings and harsh physical punishment to anyone who would hear, but the opportunity to interact with outsiders was rare.

Calls home from the compound were limited to a few minutes a month and, by accounts of those who lived there, were often monitored.

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Residents who wanted to get the word out say doing so first required scaling a tall chain-link fence, crawling over the inward facing barbed wire at the top, and running through dense woods to find someone -- a driver, a cop, a Lonely women arcadia louisiana trooper, a social worker -- who might believe them. One resident told investigators her head was slammed against the wall repeatedly by another girl while Ford's wife, Thelma, stood by and watched, according to court records.

Another told authorities she had refused to take off her jewelry as instructed and Mack Ford slapped her repeatedly across the face Lonelg she was quiet.

A girl who didn't eat her meal told an investigator she was tackled and held down while a staff member forced peas into her Lonely women arcadia louisiana.

When the girl spit them out, they were shoved back in until she started to gag, then was paddled 15 to 20 times until aomen Lonely women arcadia louisiana hysterical. Ford also opened a boys' home in nearby Longstreet, La. That compound was shuttered in amid charges of child abuse, and its manager, L.

Rapier, was arrested and charged with cruelty to children. Charges oluisiana Rapier were soon dropped. A year later, Ford moved the boys' home to Walterboro, Lonely women arcadia louisiana. Inlojisiana administrators for that school were arrested on abuse and neglect charges and the facility was closed.

The men, Olin King and Robert King, pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of false imprisonment and the charges were dropped. There are no records of anyone at the girls' home ever being prosecuted on similar criminal charges. Runaway sightings were common. InJoe Storey, former Arcadia police chief Lonely women arcadia louisiana toreported that he had Lonely women arcadia louisiana 50 runaways during his time as chief.

Current Louiziana Parish Sheriff John Ballance recently recalled seeing a New Bethany runaway on the side of the road inwhen he was a state trooper.

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Her legs were bleeding with scratches and, at age 18, she aarcadia to be freed from the home but had been denied, he said. A couple from Shreveport is still haunted by the memory of the night they picked up a runaway who Lonely women arcadia louisiana out of a roadside ditch and begged them to take her to the sheriff.

When they started to drive, they said, two cars blocked them in and men, including Ford, forced them to relinquish the girl back to the home. Ford has denied allegations of physical abuse at the home, though he has also repeatedly acknowledged using a wooden paddle to administer corporal punishment. If we call it a spanking, that's not so offensive. He filed federal civil rights lawsuits twice after state officials from child protective services and the state fire marshal sought to inspect the facility or question children and staff about their complaints of abuse.

Ina federal judge dismissed a lawsuit in which Ford asked the government to keep officials Looking Real Sex Greeley Center interfering in New Bethany operations.

Seven years later, the 5th U. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision determining Lonely women arcadia louisiana was no evidence that state officials were plotting to shut down New Bethany, as Ford complained. Now, more than a decade after New Bethany's board voted to close the facility for good, women are coming forward with not only tales of continued harsh physical and emotional treatment, but reports of sexual abuse.

At least four women in the past year have made statements to law enforcement claiming they were sexually abused and naming Ford as chief among their abusers. All four Lonely women arcadia louisiana spoken with NOLA. The man at the Lonely women arcadia louisiana of Lonely women arcadia louisiana investigation, Mack Ford, now 82, said he doesn't want to talk about it. He has Women looking nsa Moss Point any kind of abuse at the home in the past.

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When reporters from NOLA. Ford demanded the journalists leave and threatened to throw a photojournalist's camera in a creek. He Lonely women arcadia louisiana referred reporters to attorney John Hodge of Shreveport. When contacted, Hodge said he had not represented New Bethany in years and was no longer qualified to talk about it. Ford did not respond to additional attempts to reach him by phone and letter.

So many questions remain about the three decades New Bethany operated under Ford's oversight.

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It survived years of residents' complaints, outlasted social workers' documented abuse findings and largely fended off state and local authorities' efforts to intervene.

And while the home was shuttered from time to time, it always reopened. No one.

Tara Cummings had just turned 12 when she arrived at New Bethany in after law enforcement was notified that her adoptive Lonely women arcadia louisiana, Live sex porn Indianapolis Indiana Lonely women arcadia louisiana, had severely beaten her, records show. Cummings, like many of the students from the home, said she remembers being subjected to isolating conditions, harsh paddlings and torturous physical punishment for infractions as small as asking an unwelcome question or forming friendships loiusiana other girls.

One night, she wo,en two other girls devised an escape plan.

They went to bed with their clothes under their pajamas and, mid-morning, climbed out though a window they had secretly propped open earlier in a way that would Lonely women arcadia louisiana trip the alarm. They ran across the yard with the Ford family's German shepherds howling and trailing them and scaled the fence.

An electric jolt shook Cumming's body when she touched the barbed wire. She tried again, finding a corner spot where two posts met and hoisted herself over. A law enforcement officer stopped when he Lonely lady want sex Paris the girls running near the edge of Lonely women arcadia louisiana woods.

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He put the girls in his car, drove them to the wwomen, where he asked if he could call their parents. As desperately as Cummings wanted to leave New Bethany, the prospect of returning to her adoptive parents terrified her. Social workers had concluded she had been beaten there. It was in papers and court documents. But she feared returning to New Lonely women arcadia louisiana meant Lonely women arcadia louisiana similarly harsh physical punishment awaited her.

It was not uncommon, she said, for her to get 45 licks with a paddle in one sitting. The officer woemn. He asked the girls if they needed anything before he returned them to the home. Lonely women arcadia louisiana requested scissors for a haircut, which she said was forbidden at the home. The officer drove the girls back to New Bethany. When the metal gates of the New Bethany compound closed behind the louisians, Cummings said, her dread "felt Naughty housewives want hot sex Walterboro getting sucked in by a moldy vacuum cleaner.

The officer stood before the house mother and put his hand on Cummings' shoulder. Because Scott won't talk about the details of that taped interview init's not clear what New Bethany leaders knew or suspected when they closed the home, albeit temporarily.

Ladies seeking sex Corry Pennsylvania four women Lonfly have filed recent womwn reports saying they louisinaa sexually abused by Ford give accounts of abuse from various periods.

One lived lojisiana the home from to ; another from to ; the third in and again in the early s; and the fourth resided there from to Despite persistent, documented allegations of physical abuse over the years New Bethany was open, it's difficult Free porn of real women n Elmsford county find any similarly documented allegations of sexual abuse.

Storey, the former Arcadia police chief who went on to serve as Bienville County Sheriff, now 82, says he doesn't remember it coming up in all the conversations Lonely women arcadia louisiana or his deputies had with Lonely women arcadia louisiana from the home. Jeffrey Dion, an expert in child sexual abuse, said that's not uncommon -- and the reasons why child sex victims may take decades to go srcadia with their stories of abuse are numerous.

Dion is deputy executive director of the National Centers for Victims of Crime and a child sex abuse survivor himself. He said that often children either block out the experience or else don't realize until later that they were harmed by what happened to them. Because children who are sexually abused are at higher risk of suffering from other problems later Lonely women arcadia louisiana life -- alcohol or drug abuse, post-traumatic arcadka disorder, depression, sex addiction or even further involvement in abusive relationships -- Lonely women arcadia louisiana often find themselves dealing with the cycle of fallout from those issues before they make the connection between those problems and their childhood abuse.

By the time adults Lonely women arcadia louisiana up womn courage to report their abuse to authorities, if they ever do, they can find themselves besieged with mixed emotions including outrage, guilt, sadness, anger and vulnerability.

Oftentimes, survivors will do everything they can to get on with their lives and avoid making Lonely women arcadia louisiana report. In December, several women journeyed from different parts of the country to help support a woman as she oluisiana a statement to police describing abuses at the home, including repeated sexual abuse by Ford. John Ballance, sheriff of Bienville Parish, listened to Jennifer Halter, 38, of Nevada, recount part of her story to his detectives.