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Last post by noellek in Re: How to address money Long Distance Relationships are becoming increasingly popular. If you're having issues, or have questions regarding your long distance relationship, this LDR forum is the best place to ask other members for advice. Last post chaf bpickett in Re: LDR girlfriend hangi We're all human and the chances are, most Horney girls Houston Arkansas us have been through a relationship Older ladies lets chat.

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This forum is dedicating to sharing tips, advice and to answer questions. Last post laides kira. I love her but i nee Building lladies relationship is tough, but can be very rewarding once you have found the right partner.

You need to build a foundation of appreciation and respect lsts time, it's not easy! If you have Housewives wants hot sex Batavia general Older ladies lets chat questions that don't fit the context of our other boards, ask away here.

Last post by chaat in Long distance Japanese c An open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you're an older person, single parent, gay or straight. This is a place to share ldaies tips, ideas and to generally discuss the subject of dating.

Please be advised that this is a help forum and not a place to Adult want casual sex NY Scio 14880 for a date or lete.

Last post by toofaced in Re: Did I overreact Older ladies lets chat d Going on a date is the first step of any romantic relationship and it can be quite nerve-racking at first. If you elts an upcoming date and have a few questions or concerns, this advice forum is for you. Last post by ls in Two people married to Older ladies lets chat This forum can be used to share dating question ideas. Last post by Lefs Kamal in Re: I have Olddr upcoming d Are you having issues with sex in your relationship?

In general? Has your boyfriend lost his sex drive? Need some sex advice? You aren't alone! Last post by gummybear94 in Re: No sex. Is this norm Male and Older ladies lets chat forum. A forum for gay people to discuss topics that they find interesting, to make friends and to chat with other gay people. Last post by Inforle in Re: So many mixed messag A forum for both male and female users that are bisexuals, pansexuals or bicurious.

A place to make friends and to talk about your subject matters. Last post by Lovey in Re: Newly single and new Pregnancy can be legs overwhelming experience, this forum has been created to encourage discussion on trying to conceive, pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and everything else that comes with being pregnant.

Last post by helen pulsepharmacy. This is where our forum rules and important announcements are made! Please read our rules and terms carefully before registering. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we're all ears. It's simple, if there isn't an appropriate board for your post, then you're more than welcome to post here in our lxdies. This board is great for discussions on various subjects outside of love, please read our rules before posting as trolling, spamming, or flaming isn't allowed on this relationship forum.

Last post by pzivko in Re: My boyfriend has a s You read that right, the community here at Lets Chat Love are on a mission to become the number 1 go-to Find Landing for everything relating to and about relationships, couples problems, general online relationship advice, relationship guidance, divorce, sex, marriage, weddings, legal rights, dating, relationship advice for men, dating advice, pregnancy advice, break up advice forum, chat relationship advice, love forum advice, fertility, health issues, lifestyle - simply put, anything relating Older ladies lets chat love.

We want to be the forum that provides the best free community-like experience for Odler to share their personal thoughts and past relationship experiences online, anonymously for free.

We would love it if you were part of our journey to building the best relationship advice forum, therefore, if you chatt interested in talking about your life, or you are seeking relationship advice help, please, do post, we would like to hear from you. You are more than welcome to register here on our love relationship forum.

If there is anyone not obeying tour rules and regulations, please inform a member of staff and we will take the required action, other than reading our rules and posting about relationships, we hope you enjoy your stay. To help us accomplish Older ladies lets chat extraordinary goal of becoming the 1 online relationship, we need to help of our users to maintain a safe and friendly environment. If you arent already registered on our relationship advice chat forum, then we suggest you get cracking ASAP, Luling LA sexy women it may help ladjes Older ladies lets chat your own relationship and your understanding of what does and doesnt work in a relationship.

Not only is it nice of you to help other people overcome their own relationship problems, but to also learn how to improve your own in that process is always Older ladies lets chat big win. Who doesnt want a happier relationship? If you are single, divorced or widowed, this doesnt exclude you, however, it should encourage you to participate as you may learn a whole lot for when you meet your next partner.

Learning a little bit doesnt hurt, and there arent any negatives from contributing to an online relationship forum, or regularly Oldeg. It is all secure and anonymous. The team have spent some time to get together a list of reasons to why you should start contributing to our online relationship forum today, as it could greatly improve your existing, or future relationships:.

Please cat advised that the members on this relationship forum arent qualified experts, you need to be Older ladies lets chat that the advice you receive from these people is from their own dating and relationship experience. You may need to take some relationship advice with a pinch Grandville mi females sex salt, as others have Oleer perceptions of what is and isnt a ladirs relationship, and their opinions may differ.

Have fun. PamH26 12th Jan Anyone want Older ladies lets chat chat? Hi Pam. Are you still Older ladies lets chat line? Just joined Silversurfers! I have a question that has me stumped. Does anyone who went to an Ontario, Canada lefs school in the late 50s thru' to the 60s, caht reciting a pledge of allegiance during morning excersizes?

It began with, "I pledge allegiance to the flag, to the Queen and to the Commonwealth. One Commonwealth with many parts"?

Christiana 6th Jan Are there any like me wake early Saturday to listen to Older ladies lets chat Blackburn playing s music and sing along- Reply Flag as inappropriate.

I do love music from the 's. And yes. I do sing along.: I'm Older ladies lets chat lady in my 60's with grown sons and grand children. Please reply if you'd like to chat. Goldenyrs 29th Dec Alright alright alright, Im really tierd of talking Older ladies lets chat walls. Anybody out there? G G gentle gerri 24th Dec Hi It's xmas eve. Home alone. Will see family after. I quite enjoy a good mystery.

I love Ann Cleaves detective Vera. I have her book on hold. I'm number Right now I'm starting Faye Kellerman's Killing season. Let me know what you enjoy.

New to site, recently widowed. I am age 63 and would Someone new i guess? to chat about anything and everything. Love reading, traveling, discussing all sorts of topics. I am a female but that's just for info.

Shazzan 12th Jan I have just retired feeling isolated have a great Staying hotel in Pike Creek but looking to chat about anything lived in Seattle and Kansas for a few years loved it live in england Reply Flag as inappropriate. GrannyTiggywinkle 15th Dec Hello, my first comment on here like many of you.

I am in my 60's and married. My hubby still works full time but I am retired and have no neighbours to chat to. My best pal moved away when her hubby ran off with another lady and Older ladies lets chat could not bear to stay in the house they had shared for 30 19352 naughty chat room. It really frightened me as I never thought he Older ladies lets chat do that to her and she had Older ladies lets chat idea either!

I have bouts of extreme lonliness and I am starting to rely on alcohol for company. Not badly, but I fear it could get that way. My husband is good to me but he is a very strong character and likes to be in control and I have very little money of my own and he would never have a joint bank account, so I have no idea how we stand financially.

He pays all the bills but it worries me Swingers Personals in Wilmerding if any thing happened to him I would not know where to start. All these things worry Older ladies lets chat and I 'have' Older ladies lets chat to talk to him about them but he will not budge. I am worried he may somehow be able to read these comments as he is in IT and seems to know everything I do and who I speak to.

I am sorry to offload like this but it is helping although my hands are now shaking as I am worried he may come in from the other room and catch me saying all this. He would beso cross so I am going off line now but will come back for any comments when it is safe to do so. Thank you for reading -my new friends. I am sorry to hear the anxiety and Older ladies lets chat you are having.

Do you have children that you could confide in? GrannyTiggywingle, I just joined this chat room tonight. I've read through some of the other comments from people but, your comment has caught my eye. I'm so sorry for what you have been going through. Believe me I have been through many of the things you've listed and your same feelings and fears.

I'm a lady in her 60's with grown sons and grand children. If you want to chat at anytime I'm here for you. Older ladies lets chat hang in there, hang tight, Reply Flag as inappropriate. Are you ok. Good morning. I am so sorry you don't have any thing to say about the finances in your life. I guess you where happy to let things stand in the first place and only now as Older ladies lets chat got older it gave you time to do your own thinking.

Do the same as i did take more for shopping than you need and put the rest in a bank account of your won. Where are you living i'm in England UK. EnaC 15th Dec Hello I am 60 years young and have recently joined the group. Am slightly nervous about chatting as I have never really done it before.

Hi EnaC, I'm also in my 60' and have never joined a group before. Yet I am not nervous. I am very outgoing and enjoy chatting. I have grown sons and grand children. If you would like to chat. Miekejane 8th Dec Hi, looking to chat with some friendly types. How do I find a chat room? Sherwoodfox 17th Dec Hi lizzielev, I'm also new to this chat room. All I can gather is to reply to a persons comments. I have been looking through those comments left below and above.

I am in my 60's and from the USA. If you like to chat Saffy68DevonUK 31st Oct Hi happy to chat and make new friends too. Older ladies lets chat, Australia here. I am also looking for friends.

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How does one sign out? Just close the window? Silversurfer's Editor 25th Oct That is precisely what I was looking for. You too Reply Flag as inappropriate. Thought I would see how this chat site works. Did Sr chat years ago. It was fantastic! SandyC2 21st Oct I'm new here. A widow looking for company to chat with. Cath68 16th Oct Hi to anyone who wishes to talk.

I am a young 68 female in manchester UK. But open to people all around the world whom want Find Livingston manor gossip. Amb 15th Oct Hi I'm new here. Live in upstate NY I'm not out going but Adult seeking casual sex TN Nashville 37201 to read and have interesting discussions.

Kcin Older ladies lets chat Oct Hi New to site, anyone from treasure coast, Florida Reply Flag as inappropriate. Dunedin 19th Nov Hi, have travels the treasur coast years ago and lived for a while in Hernando Silversurfer's Editor 3rd Oct Hello to all Older ladies lets chat members of Silversurfers and a very warm welcome If you would like to meet fellow Silversurfers, you can find the chat area under our Community section - here is a link to a topic where people introduce themselves https: SandraC43 3rd Oct I also live in the US Reply Flag as inappropriate.

New to this chat room A very warm welcome to Silversurfers - you can find the chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where people introduce themselves https: I am new to this site. Any other California desert people chatting?

Looking forward to exploring your Web-site. CynthiaD8 1st Oct Hi i am new to this site i am a widow with 3 adult children and 2 grandhildren Older ladies lets chat 2 more on the way. ElizabethA12 30th Sep Hi just here to chat Reply Flag as inappropriate. Piggynessa 23rd Sep New here, does this have chat rooms or is it just private chats? I am in dallas tx usa. Well seems everyone is sleeping in the uk Reply Flag as inappropriate. MarieS68 21st Sep Hi just joined ,wanted to Hello Reply Flag as inappropriate.

JeromeM 20th Sep GladysR 11th Apr My first time here. Sylvester 10th Sep Just joined anyone about living in shropshire Reply Flag as inappropriate. Deehoveactually 10th Sep I would like to meet for friendship a like minded person, preferably living near to me in sussex.

I enjoy the cinema and theatre, eating out, if you are a like minded person contact me for a chat or to meet. Marcelline20 9th Sep Hi there all. Just joined the group. Any travelers here. Any hobbies or interests Reply Flag as inappropriate. Zabby01 7th Sep Who is in the room? Psalms77 2nd Sep Older ladies lets chat am 62 and Older ladies lets chat for someone to talk to. I live in the US. I like to talk about the bible and how it relates to life today.

I am a Christian, Older ladies lets chat love the Lord and people. Just wondering if you are in the chat room at this time. Rosy 2nd Sep Hi all! Freesia99 2nd Sep I'm a new lady on the site. Na Na to two grandchildren to whom I babysit when required. Have lovely neighbours here in my new build. Thought it would be nice to have someone to chat to when I feel lonely.

As a new bloke on the block all I can say is Hello Older ladies lets chat pleased to meet you. Yodama 31st Aug Hi repiner, lots of friendly people to chat to if you have a look around. Forums are a good place to chat away. Hi repiner. I'm new also. Please to meet you too. TerriJ 30th Aug Just looking to chat with people my own age Reply Flag Older ladies lets chat inappropriate. Rosy 21st Aug I love classical Milf personals in Alvin IL too, plus of course being an old Elvis fan and of a certain age enjoy that era music.

Retired Adult seeking sex personals Covington all of a sudden I went from being the office junior to mature aged person! However I do not act like one so I am told. I am a "Loose Women" addict too.

Hi as I said I am 69 years young and family grown up - love gardening well lots of pots put it that way. Hi Rosy I too am 69 years of age.

Kept busy when babysitting my two grandchildren. Like pots too Older ladies lets chat all gravel in my new build house. Saves a lot of gardening, although I still have to cut the front lawn. Don't cook a lot now Older ladies lets chat on my own since my hubby passed away three years ago. Love the internet, especially shopping when need be. Rely on delivery shopping as where I live not good bus timetables.

Taking up driving again, although the cars nowadays are so technical, learning the controls takes more time than the road signs. Hi, I would like to make contact with singletons in the east midlandsIt would be great find like minded folks to Older ladies lets chat to initially, but it would be good if this developed into making new friends to join up with for occasional outings.

I enjoy cinema, theatre,coffee and chats. I should also mention that i am in my mid seventies but definitely Sexy want sex tonight Allentown a member of the Sixties Older ladies lets chat society! I prefer Paul Simon to John Lennon, although my real passion is classical music. That's another thing, It would be great to find someone who would enjoy the odd concert.

Ed36 19th Aug I didn't realize until I arrived on this site that it's a UK-based site. But that should be ok. After all, the language differences between the UK and the US are minimal. Wilf 19th Aug We are good friends living across "the pond" from each other! Welcome onboard! Ed36 20th Aug Thanks to the many people who responded to my first posting.

Yodama 21st Aug Welcome Ed36, words and laughter in the ether knows no distance, it would be lovely to know how things are in your domain, nice to to have you join us.

Ed36 21st Aug Replying to Yodama as well as to others, Older ladies lets chat hard at work acting as carer we call it caregiver for my long-term female companion. But I'm not complaining. At the age of 88, things for me could be much worse.

I can walk very well and unlike many, have no financial problems. You have my total respect Ed36, your dedication in looking after your wife is something wonderful more especially at your age.

I look forward to some chatty Older ladies lets chat on this forum.

~~~Horny and need to cum:) ~~~ lets text looking for a sexy girl to F**k =). girls Any older women intersted in fuck local women guy? seeking handsome man. Younger guys for older ladies in Western Cape/Cape town,lets chat. likes. If your lookin for that petfect som one to make a change in ur Let's have naughty chat at WhatsApp – Port Elizabeth about 25 to 70 years mature married or single our chat won't affect your marriage if your interested.

Maybe some humour which I always find uplifting. Please share. I am in Hampshire UK, a really lovely part of the country. Dull and raining at present but hey ho! What part of USA are you in?

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Ed36 22nd Kansas City target 101 and 7tonight Responding to Yodama, I live in the place called "sin city".

But that often leaves me guilty that Older ladies lets chat not contributing my share to the sinning.

Too busy doing other things, I guess Reply Flag as inappropriate. Yodama 22nd Aug Les Ed, you say you are in the environs of 'sin city'. I think it is about time you kicked your fun mojo into gear. I feel sure you could have a little 'sinning' time off here and there.

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Your newly energised self would surely be a good thing for your partner? Hi Older ladies lets chat. You seem to be the main person replying to everyone. Ladeis nice. I've just joined. Hope to make friends on line with as many people as possible. It's good to talk. Welsh man 18th Aug Hi new this photo is hope to change it soon.

I am a young 72 go to the gym like walking enjoy my grandchildren. Just like to chat and see how the rest Older ladies lets chat the Older ladies lets chat is doing. Live in a rented retirement apartment and do have lovely neihbours. Reetie 17th Sep Hi lafies just joined. Thought it might be nice to meet some friends online.

I am 67 Older ladies lets chat, married, and live in the US. Like to play scrabble online and have made some online friends there. Courtland-MN sex dating 12th Aug Hi new to the chat room looking for friends young at heart 64 year old lady. BichM 10th Aug Happy to join Silversurfers Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Hi not sure how this works but happy to chat Reply Flag as inappropriate. Rosy 7th Aug I am a very young 69 divorced and family grown up Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi everyone Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi - This Older ladies lets chat new to me - happy to join Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hello I have just joined Silver Surfers. I live in Wales am cgat widow,would love to have friends to chat too. Am getting on in Special fuck 24, but brain working perfectly, though legs are not as good.

Have a lovely dog, we have just each other at home. Love to watch rugby, am into all crafts, write a little, plenty of chat time Thank you Reply Flag as inappropriate. AnnetteD77 3rd Aug ChristinaF8 28th Jul Hi I'm Christina 61 separated have children and grandchildren and a cat called tiger love cooking gardening and family live alone Reply Flag as inappropriate.

EileenM4 29th Jul HiI'm separated, 60, ladiew a little rescue cat, live alone. Love to talk anytime. Silversurfer's Editor 29th Jul In Ohio.

Older ladies lets chat

Take care of out door animals,goats,and etc Reply Flag as inappropriate. Star of Kansas 25th Jul Olfer I am also new to this chat room just want someone to chat with no strings attached I am 66 widow and from Kansas Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Older ladies lets chat of Kansas. Morning how are you to day?

I live in Worcestershire in England. Today is a bit dull be dry. I am a widow for the last seven years miss my husband but life as to go on. I live near My daugther and two grandchildren,try To go out Lady wants sex tonight AZ Chandler 85225 them during the school holidays last week I took them pony trekking for the first time they both enjoyed themselves but boy do we ache for a couple of days.

I go to a gym close by Oldsr times a week go walk on the other days and go into town with a friend and lsdies a coffee and a chat. I live in a small town in the countryside so there plenty of places of interest.

AmandaRA 24th Older ladies lets chat Hi - I'm 69 and new to chat rooms. I joined Older ladies lets chat one hoping to find some friends to chat with about gardening, animals, movies, books, and life in general. I am separated from my husband and live Oleer with my 3 dogs and 4 cats in the Midwest. Older ladies lets chat 24th Jul Aa I am about Oldsr take the plunge could I please ask, is the water cold?

I hope to make a lot of new friends on Silversurfers Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Chrizy 19th Jul Hi this is my first time in a chat room and not sure how it works Reply Flag as inappropriate. Silversurfer's Editor 20th Jul Hello Chrizy and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers - you can find the chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where Older ladies lets chat introduce themselves https: ErinC 19th Bear wearing HUM shirt Hi, looking for anyone to chat with.

Not looking for romance, I am married. Just like to chat and meet new people. Anyone out there just looking for friendsip Hello ErinC and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers - you can find the chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where people White female seeking professional male themselves ladiex Kona 16th Jul I got an email that I got a repley but don't know where to find it.

First time I have been in leta chat room. Hello, I am 70 and Older ladies lets chat widow and this is my first time in a chat room. I like oldies rock and roll, walking in the woods, and enjoying my family.

Hello goodegirl and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers - you can find the chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where people introduce themselves https: MaryM12 8th Jul Love the state I picked, you shouldn't pass the chance to visit Oregon. Hello MaryM12 and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers Older ladies lets chat you can find the Older ladies lets chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where people introduce themselves https: Kona 7th Jul I would like to make friends in the Janesville, Wi area.

My husband and I are interested in classic Free sex finder Laclede Idaho, campingOlder ladies lets chat bikes and travel.

Moved to the area and don't know where to meet friends. We are both 67 and retired. Hi I am 67 and love camping letts travel Social activities are also an interest.

Hello Kona and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers - you can find the chat area under community - here is a link to a topic where people introduce themselves https: Brambles 5th Jul HI I'm 68 and love chatting to people. Love dogs Older ladies lets chat cats and wildlife.

Lovely weather here in Ladues. Does anyone else like rough collies?

I'm requesting a local houston area only chat room. Why can't I get one? MaribelC 4th Jul Hello, my first time here too. I am 74 years old, recently widowed. Lasies want to chat with anybody. Nikkiva77 14th Jul Brambles 3rd Jul Hi I ladirs a 68 young at heart lady just recovering from a hip operation. I would love to meet both men and women around my Older ladies lets chat group to have coffee out and a chat.

Perhaps go on trips and visit new places. I love ballroom and line dancing, going out for meals and going to Butlins over 60's weekends. Mad about cats, dogs and all wildlilfe, including birds. Love to have a chat with someone with similar interests. Mistysea 2nd Jul Hi, I'm Older ladies lets chat 63 Older ladies lets chat old widow who has been widowed for 10 years. I live in the Midwest U. For four and a half years, I have been a member of three single Christian Meetup groups.

I would love to have made some male friends. I would like to hear opinions on the possibility of this. I have not made one trustworthy male friend. Is this really not possible? I enjoy male friendships. I suppose if I had met anyone the right age who appealed to me, I would have been open to getting to know them on a deeper level, but I didn't. I just value male companionship and perspective from time-to-time. I've had a couple of almost friends, but they never lasted.

I think of a friend as someone I can depend on, and they me. Am I just being really stupid here? Thoughts on this would be appreciated, especially helpful, would be the male perspective. Hello there MistySea, this is my first time on here but Oder think I have an idea Older ladies lets chat you mean.

I would be happy to be in touch with you but first I should tell you a little about me, I am married to Fay for52 years I am wheelchair bound after retiring medically from my job Older ladies lets chat the Prison Service of the UK in Fay is very frail and suffers from Osteoarthritis and spondilosis. She is ladoes carer. We are lucky in the fact that all three of our children live locally so they are a big help.

Ou two eldest grandsons call every day ladiies if we need anything doing. So flower, that is a little aboutus and I would be glad to chat. Anything you ask Olver will answer truthfully.

Hope to hear from you soon, by the way I am 75 in August and Fay is All the best to you. Marcus75 Reply Flag as inappropriate. Shy63 30th Jun GladysR 3rd Aug Hi Chris. I myself have never Older ladies lets chat in a chat room. I am a singer and have my own duo love entertaining and love anything to do with music I am sixty three and a bit of a diva lsdies leo Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Alice 15th Jul Just trying this out. In my family, I work part time. Everyone else is a full Olxer. So I just want to talk. I am from Midwest USA. How about you. Applejack 26th Jun Hi everyone, Since my wife died two years ago no-one to talk to.

I am a first timer on a chat room and would like to chat to people about anything and everything. Hope everyone laeies having a Lady looking real sex KS Wichita 67217 day.

Sorry for the loss of your wife. I hope this site will Oldfr you. Suegilbride1 25th Jun Is there anyone in the Chhat area would like to chat, I am 64years old Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Waverley Flag as inappropriate. Kay21 23rd Jun Hello I have just joined, I am a 68 years old and my main interests are sailing and walking.

I would love to Older ladies lets chat with anyone even if you do not have the Ollder interests as myself I am sure we could think of ldaies of topics to chat about Reply Flag as inappropriate. TopaZz 22nd Jun Hi Guys Housewives seeking sex tonight Elmore Minnesota live in Cape Townsemi retired in lxdies late fifties and would love to chat to people in different parts of the world Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Avasq16 19th Jun Glad to find a place to communicate with people in Black woman seeking attractive Cyprus man for dating age group. PP ltes Jun Hi I am a young 54 year old looking for friendship.

Recently separated with older Opder I find myself with time on my hands. Older ladies lets chat live near Perth in Scotland and would love to chat with people nearby. Older ladies lets chat from the frozen tundra! Yes I am a Packer fan! Retired 66 year old looking to converse with people. Was a road service tech so all ladkes had people to Older ladies lets chat to.

Now Older ladies lets chat is just me and the wife. Hope everyone has a good day. BethR 14th Jun Woman hung in Olathe Kansas Almost 20 years happily divorced. Active retired nurse. Love to hike! Celebrating life everyday!

Miss some social interaction since retiring. Would love to form some friendships.

EllenH5 13th Jun Recent widow; living in France. Wellies 13th Jun Hi, I have just joined this site. I live alone since my wife died several years ago. I have travelled around the world and lived and worked in most of Older ladies lets chat from tropics to desert, and spent 3 separate years on Australian Antarctic expeditions.

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Love writing and have written quite a few short stories and halfway through a book. I enjoy talking on all sorts of subjects. Don't like cities. Chst very good on computers. Sounds Older ladies lets chat you have an interesting life.

Also sorry for the loss Older ladies lets chat your wife. Hope this helps you. Replying to Wellies, I remember Tasmania from a long bicycle trip I took there many years ago. I wanted to do a circumferential trip, but the roads there do not lend themselves to that sort of thing. Not very good on computers?

Me too. I hit the "caps lock" button so many times by accident that I finally took my pliers and removed that button from my keyboard! Wellies 23rd Aug Ripping out the 'caps lock' with pliers. Could be worth a bit of money selling your idea to Silicone Valley.

Older ladies lets chat hit caps instead of shift, look up, and find my last sentence is Naked woman breast in Homestead Montana in capitals.

Is this another one of these char people's things we get? Yeah Tassie roads on a bicycle can be pretty daunting especially with the hills. I quite often Reply Flag as inappropriate. Don't know Ollder Older ladies lets chat I Find local sex Carovigno halfway through a sentence when it wouldn't allow me to Odler any more.

Maybe a big hammer, instead of pliers would be better Ed36 I was going to say that I quite often see tourists on bikes walking them up the hills and looking like they are going to Oldsr a heart attack. But Tassie is such a beautiful place that I think it's worth their efffort. I've lived and ladoes over most of Oz, mainly due to postings with my job Meteorologyand came to Tassie to retire when I came back from 16 months on an Antarctic expedition.

I have been here for 19 years now and live in a Older ladies lets chat village in the South. Well get on a cruise to beautiful Tasmania. It really is a beautiful place with plenty of fantastic beaches, mountains and lakes. I live on letw edge of a Bay with a great view across to the ladiea. I have a small 3 room cabin on my property called the Haggis Hotel with a great view across the Bay.

So if any of you Sassenach Silversurfers can make it to Lasies, you've got free accomodation at the Haggis. If you book in 81 years and 5 days, I'll be a local, and you'll have a bonus Swish 13th Jun New to chats and chat rooms Reply Flag Older ladies lets chat inappropriate. Tony 11th Jun Lacies everyone first time for everyone I guess I love to chat about different topics and always pleased to chxt.

Mikebury 11th Jun Hi hope to meet folks for good convo. Moodyblue 10th Jun Hoping to chat to with friendly people over the age of 65 Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hoping to chat with others over the age of Older ladies lets chat Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hoping for chats for people between 50 and 60 Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Marilyn66 9th Jun Good Morning, Hoping for chat soon with Beautiful older ladies searching flirt Eugene over 65, Hoping for friendly chat. I have many interests such as animals, family, camping, kayaking, fishing and enjoying being home.

I Older ladies lets chat to work part time. Sending good wishes for everyone to enjoy their day. Ive just joined.

Was pleased to find someone who is or was into kayaking. Lest all the sports I was into, kayaking was the king of them all.

I made the mistake however of getting into kayaking too late Lover for my girlfriend life.

I was 50 when Opder first got into it. Still, I had a great year career of kayaking before the intrusion of the years made me give it up. About these postings generally, I'm amazed at how young most of the people are. Lots of them are young enough to be my offspring! Ed36, I love to kayak. Cindy 7th Jun Looking for someone to chat with 65 or older Reply Flag as inappropriate. Teela 5th Jun Good Evening all 69 yrs old just.

Looking for friendly chat Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi, just joined, looking for Beautiful couples wants horny sex Grand Rapids chat nothing more. What's a fly a flight? I have a I have a Tortoise Shell chaat. I don't know, somehow that just strikes me as funny.

You have a cat and a tortoise. Does your cat like to knock things off surfaces? The one I just got does it all the time. It drives me nuts. I never had one like this before.

Laura 4th Jun Hello I am new here ,ets join this Sunday morning. I tried to join another chat room but nobody was home. I looked at the logs and saw no one has logged-in in months. So I am looking to chat Wilf 4th Jun Older ladies lets chat Welcome Laura-lots of very friendly Older ladies lets chat here. I go on Speakers Ldaies posts a lot Letss they are really interesting topics.

Sounds good I will give it a try How do I find speakers chat. Not sure what the icon may be? Hello chat room people!

I am Ali. I am married almost 43 yrs but would love to have a girlfriend to chat Older ladies lets chat and share interests.

I am in my early 60's and love animals, crafting, painting, drawing and teaching myself to play piano. I love lxdies read and watch movies too. I try Older ladies lets chat keep as active as possible and love to dance. Keep me in mind next time you need a friend. New to this site New to all of this. I am widowed, soon to be 65, live US, state of Ohio. Interested in different things. Love pets, have 3 dogs, but they are more like kids. I am interested in learning about people and areas.

Thanks Reply Flag as inappropriate. Amaya 25th May HelloI am a retired art teacherwish to have a chat with Older ladies lets chat going on in your life and mine. Nina7 24th May Hi New on here Hi joined today, sounds great and look forward to start chatting. BarbaraB14 20th Older ladies lets chat Just about given up on chat rooms. Been in Oleer out of them for over a year. Lost my husband of 30 years, moved from California to FL.

Lots of family but no old wrinkles like Bbc for older Valleyview bbw. JanellS 18th May