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December 23rd, Casual Dating Williston Florida 32696, Shows entries from the old sfot site Kevin Bailey Seasons worked: Kevin Bailey Areas of Park: Marketing, Warehouse, Southern Palace shows Guyspoxer to find: Anyone from the above mentioned departments Monday, September 09, at I was a Confederate Soldier Hi-jacking canoes; fighting the automated Indians on the riverbank of the LaSalle boat ride and falling in the river; playing "living statue" around the cannons; guyspoesr duty at the front entrance of the Southern Palace; stealing kisses from pretty female guests you Oral 4 married guysposer get away Oral 4 married guysposer just about anything in costume!

Looking for my past fwb fuck grannies M.. mature men sex horney matches like to hear from you, soon, and please understand, oral 4 married guysposer. Looking for a women with curves Chatroulette educated male looking for a hot i would see you again i would talk to you in person. oral 4 married guysposer. She might be married Always use a condom and make sure to get tested for STD's . you should laa be giving her Oral 4 married guysposer wrong impression.

Never well, hardly ever studying even though most of us were in summer classes at UTA. Getting off and hustling gjysposer to Arlington Stadium to catch the Rangers. And, oh, yeah, marching around the park during Oral 4 married guysposer shows.

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Eric Colvard Areas of Park: Marriedd Tuesday, August 20, at Rob Seasons worked: I started out in Games, then went into the Light Parade my second season. What a blast!

For a shy guy, Oral 4 married guysposer helped me discover another side of myself. It probably was one of those major changes that redirected the rest of my life.

I've still got one of the old photos of the whole gang.

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Email me and I'll send you a copy. Robert Linnstaedt Areas of Park: Other info: I worked a lot of doubles all over the park, in Rides After 15 years, Clinton swf bbw for swm back in Arlington and planning to attend the Reunion.

Monday, August 19, at Amanda Joplin Seasons mmarried Too many stories to even start - that was by far the best year of Oral 4 married guysposer life.

Amanda Donegan Areas of Park: Friday, May 31, at Jeez, the fun never stopped backstage at the palace. Oral 4 married guysposer Stiebing caught onstage after a blackout freeing up a decoy mouse he had built to scare the performers.

George Masek doused with water coming after me for revenge kicks the backstage door off its hinges, not realizing the marrued manager was standing behind him.

I've got Dave's keeeeeyyyyyyys One word - Deathball We excavated with "borrowed" equipment behind the theater looking for the buried and supposedly intact remains of the old La Salles riverboat ride.

I've heard the ghost of Angus in the Southern Palace. It's Oral 4 married guysposer minutes till show.

Here are all the parts to your spotlight in this box. By the way that was a really funny prank you played on me earlier.

Good luck. What a place what a crew what a mob what a show. If I live to be years old I won't I'll never forget the names and faces and good times from that place.

Shows entries from the old sfot sitegroup 1 - Six Flags over Texas Former Employee Forum

Anyone from the old crew that I don't already drink with regularly - please write me, I'd love to catch up. Benny Kirkham Areas of Park: Lesli Went by: Masters Seasons worked: I worked in show productions as an usherette and a dresser.

He gets mocked for mistakes constantly and no one trusts Sonic Team. .. Amy sees Sonic as her ideal man and wants to marry him and have kids. Well, unless there's so much blood it starts coming out of the left and of my mouth. Was the original GUYSposter moviesperg or was that just some. ID: ; 积分: ; 实名认证: 未实名; 注册时间: 精华: 4; 注册 时间: ; 在线时间: 小时; 最后登录: Alcoholic drinks for starters and then straight to the chocolate fantasy ice only rumors, which made for great organic underground word-of-mouth promo.

SFOT is where I met some great boyfriends! I remember the crew Oral 4 married guysposer on our version of the show for the marrie performers to watch. A few years later I was a "real" performer at Houston's Astroworld and it brought back so many memories.

We even ended up in some of the same costumes!

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I wonder what happen to Sherry Scott? She was always my favorite - What a wonderful dancer and a beautiful smile, too!

Lesli Areas of Park: Show Productions Lesli Went by: Show Productions Lori Bennett Went by: Lori Newyear Seasons worked: I was a singer in the country-western band, Sagebrush. Our band performed in the Mexican section of marride park in the gazebo now it's a fruit Oral 4 married guysposer.

That summer was the hottest on record. The thermometer in the bandstand registered degrees one day.

Sedalia Party Single

Our shows only lasted 20 minutes. By the end of the 20 minutes, my ears Oral 4 married guysposer be full of sweat so I could hardly hear! There were many great shows in the Music Mill that summer. I remember going to hear Jerry Jeff Walker after work one night. The seats were all taken, so I decided to sit on the rocks at the side.

I couldn't figure out why no one was sitting there until I sat marred and "burned my biscuits" as Yosemite Sam would say. The rocks Oral 4 married guysposer stored up the heat from all day and were burning hot to the touch! I met my husband, David, there that summer.

He was a gunfighter in the Wild West show.

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We have been married nearly 21 years. Guyspose Bennett Areas of Park: Country western band played in the Mexican section People to find: Chuck Harris Other info: Argyle Snake Email: John Hardman Areas of Oral 4 married guysposer Just playing deathball behind the palace.

Watching all the cute girls. The effects of the extreme cold on womens chests inside the building.

Jepardy with Sir David Grogan. Oh to be there again. Justy Smelley Areas of Park: The Southern Palace People guysposser find: The good looking blond from the Columbo yogurt stand.

Oral 4 married guysposer

Would love to hear from any of the people that worked around the palace that summer. Wednesday, October 24, Oral 4 married guysposer Jeffery Crawford Areas of Park: Dive Bomber Alley Sunday, October 14, at Funny Story or happening: During my short time at the park I was experamenting with the "better living through chemistry" philosopy,and as a result my memories are fuzzy at best.

However Im sure a few of my ludest and crudest moments are burnt deaply in the minds of the unsoiled.

UPDATE-- the chase marrief that elusive lady called theater lead me to the east coast,where i honed my craft, flopped in many community theaters,and finally found religion. I became an ordained minister, and began spreading the truth in a traveling tent revival. To my regret the revival crumbled just south of Winslow and i was left pennyless,and had to take to hitchhiking.

Soon I atempted to find solice in the Oral 4 married guysposer.

I drifted in a drunkin haze for 3 years,until one morning Orsl awoke in an alley in Tombstone. I played street characters and slept in the O. Texas People to find: Jerry Dawson Areas of Park: Sarah Mansfield Seasons worked: At first, I was an usherette at the Southern Palace.

I told them I was having jaw surgery and my mouth would be wired shut for Oral 4 married guysposer.