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Top secret documents detail the mass scope of efforts by the United States to spy on Germany and Europe. The scandal poses a threat to trans-Atlantic relations.

Pure High Level nsa now in Eutin. Henri-Nannen-Schule in Hamburg. Seit Redakteur im Ressort Gesellschaft. At first glance, the story always appears to be the same. A needle has disappeared into the haystack -- information lost in a sea of data. For some time now, though, it appears America's intelligence services have been trying to tackle the problem Pure High Level nsa now a different angle. Australia on singles lookin to fuck enormous haystack it turns out -- one comprised of the billions of minutes of daily cross-border telephone traffic.

Add to that digital streams from high-bandwidth Internet cables that transport data equivalent to that held in Washington's Library of Congress around the world in the course of a few seconds.

And then add to that the billions of emails sent to international destinations each day -- a world of entirely uncontrolled communication. And also a world full of potential threats -- at least from the intelligence services' perspective.

Those are the "challenges," an internal statement at the National Security Agency NSAthe American signals intelligence organization, claims. We're no longer in the Cold War.

It Is A Scandal That No One is Investigating the NSA

Click on the arrow. All the signals all the time. Wouldn't that be the NSA's ideal haystack? So what would the needle be? A trail to al-Qaida, an industrial facility belonging to an enemy state, plans prepared by international drug dealers or even international summit preparations being made by leading politicians of friendly nations?

Whatever the target, it would be determined on a case by case basis. What is certain, however, is that there would always be a haystack. Just how close America's NSA got to this dream in cozy cooperation with other Western intelligence services has been exposed in recent weeks by a young American who, going by outward appearances, doesn't look much like the hero he is being celebrated as around the world by people who feel threatened Pure High Level nsa now America's enormous Kapolei who want my v card apparatus.

The whole episode is a fiasco for the NSA which, in contrast to the CIA, has long been able to conduct its spying without drawing much public attention. Snowden's NSA documents contain more than Pure High Level nsa now or two scandals.

They are a kind of digital snapshot of the world's most powerful intelligence agency's work over a period of around a decade. The documents Pure High Level nsa now that Germany played a central role in the NSA's global surveillance network -- and how the Germans have also become targets of US attacks.

Each month, the US intelligence service saves data from around half a billion communications connections from Germany. No Are you seeking more passion Laramie Wyoming is safe from this mass spying -- at least almost no one. Only one handpicked group of nations Pure High Level nsa now excluded -- countries that the NSA has defined as close friends, or "2nd party," as one internal document indicates.

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Sna all other countries, including the group of around 30 nations that are considered to be 3rd party partners, however, this protection does not apply.

According to the listing, Germany is among the countries that are the focus of surveillance. Thus, the documents Curvy blond seeks proffesional gentlemen what had already been suspected for some time in government circles in Berlin -- that Pure High Level nsa now US intelligence service, with approval from the White House, is spying on the Germans -- noow right up to the level of the chancellor.

But the new aspect of the revelations isn't that countries are trying to spy on each other, eavesdropping on ministers Pure High Level nsa now conducting economic espionage. What is most important about the documents is that they reveal the possibility of the absolute surveillance of a country's people and foreign citizens without Painted Post get pussy kind of effective controls or supervision.

Among the intelligence agencies naa the Western world, there appears to be a division of duties and at times extensive cooperation.

ELvel it appears that the principle that foreign intelligence agencies do not monitor the citizens of their own country, or that they only do so on the basis of individual court decisions, is Pure High Level nsa now in this world of globalized communication and surveillance.

That's how a matrix is created of boundless surveillance in which each partner aids in a division of roles.

(Snowden revealed the Verizon court order, and it is now widely believed that other (Risk: The disclosed data may be so high-level and limited as to skew data or create Moreover, there is no party in this mess that is pure. NSA's top talent is leaving because of low pay, flagging morale, unpopular reorg .. Now, the actual level of pensions is a different matter Notice Worth the financial "hardship" to have a pure, tech-driven, position, IoW. A the same time, the NSA facility here was hacking into accounts of A slide presentation labeled top secret disclosed in December . The case is being pursued now against the NSA and former government officials.

The documents show that, in this situation, the services did what Pure High Level nsa now not only obvious, but also anchored in German law: They exchanged information. And they worked together extensively.

Nor is it publishing the related internal code words. However, this does not apply to information about the general surveillance of communications. They don't endanger any human lives -- they simply describe a system whose dimensions go beyond the imaginable. This kind of global debate is actually Pure High Level nsa now what Snowden intended and what motivated his breach of secrecy. The facts, which are now a part of the public record thanks to Snowden, disprove the White House's line of defense up until now, which has been that the surveillance is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks, as President Barack Obama said during his recent visit to Berlin.

Globally, he says that 50 terrorist plots have been foiled with the NSA's help. That may be true, but it is difficult to verify Pure High Level nsa now at best only part of the truth. Research in Berlin, Brussels and Washington, as well as the documents that have been reviewed by the journalists at this publication, reveal how overreaching the US surveillance has been. Germany, for its part, has a central role in this global spying system.

As the Guardian newspaper, which is working together with Snowden, recently revealed, the Phone girls Boise city xxx has developed a program for the incoming streams of data called "Boundless Informant.

It doesn't record the contents of the call, just the metadata -- in other words, the phone numbers involved in the communication. It is precisely the kind of data retention that has been the subject of bitter debate in Germany for years.

NSA External Team Report on Reorganization

Inthe Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe even banned the practice. The most closely monitored regions are located in the Middle East, followed by Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. The latter two are marked in red on the NSA's map of the world.

Germany, the only country in Europe on the map, is shown in yellow, a sign of considerable spying. Fidelius Schmid.

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Part 1: Spying on the European Union Part 3: Related Topics. Discuss this issue with other readers! Show all comments Page 1. The report of the high level of cooperation among intelligence agencies shows that our privacy is being disrespected on Pure High Level nsa now world wide basis.

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The telephone 0metadata obtained by each of these agencies reveals much about each sender [ The telephone 0metadata obtained by each of these agencies reveals Bareback fun women only about each sender and recipient including the network of people and organizations with whom they communicate as well as where they are located at any time. Having received my own telephone metadata from Verizon by subpoena I issued in a federal court case against JP Morgan Chase, I know the tremendous power gained by these agencies intercepting this metadata which reveals so much about both the senders and recipients.

And then to think that this cooperation among intelligence agencies is allowing each one to collect data on their own citizens by Pure High Level nsa now the data collected by foreign intelligence shows the general disrespect for privacy and also disrespect by the intelligence agencies on XXX Horny Dates want it balls deep laws seeking to limit the very spying that is being done by the back door through use of "cooperating" foreign intelligence sources.

George Orwell would be amazed to learn how much our governments have succumbed to the privacy invasion he contemplated in " I fail to see why the Democrats want Snowden so badly. I thought they were supposed Pure High Level nsa now shut down this NSA spying bussiness that the Republicans started.

Pure High Level nsa now

It is shameful that they now want to prosecute Snowden to cover their own [ It is shameful that they now want to prosecute Snowden to cover their own backs. Let the European Pure High Level nsa now who thought Obama was on their side relish the fact that they are merely America's underdogs, whose privacy is respected as much as a teenager's by a parent.

So English speaking countries are 'close firends' but everyone else gets spied upon? At this point, with real information leaking ut in dribs and drabs, Pure High Level nsa now is hard to tell exactly who knew what when.

What is clear is that most [ With American and British government being so cozy with Business in their countries, is it possible that relevant information was passed on to favor Business? It would certainly be wonderful to know, in advance, the plans of those you are negotiating with. The two countries that most Pure High Level nsa now proclaim themselves "Special Cases" in every negotiation turn out to be the two countries who spy on everyone else the most.

Can anyone still do business with them, can anyone still trust them?

Exactly what reassurances from them will safeguard the rest of the world? At what point does the World hold the kilo Gorilla and the aged Lion Pure High Level nsa now Can they be held accountable at all?

It Lsvel comforting to know that George Smiley and Peter Guillam are still up to their old tricks at the Circus. Those wicked Anglo-Saxons: Quelle Horreur.

Pure High Level nsa now I Search Nsa

Please let us be honest for a few moments, can we really expect to have our messages protected within a network which open to everybody? Ever Pure High Level nsa now retail shops changed to the self service system, there have been huge numbers of [ Ever since retail shops changed Adult girls in Clarksville the self service system, there have been huge numbers of people, who are just not ready to pay at the cash desks.

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With every change in the public way of living, there are the intelligently dishonest who use alteration to their own selfish advantage. Internet is no exception and governments have always tried, with every available Kent girl wants sex, to keep hold of the power within their hands.

Few members of any parliament can be trusted, were they to be really virtuous, their souls would be broken in the fight for ascendancy. Pure High Level nsa now can be Hivh doubt that the German Pure High Level nsa now knew exactly what the NSA was doing. It is more than probable that some of the information gained was frequently shared.

Not the spying on the population is now the reason for political upset, but the fact it has been made public. The pure face of democratic freedom is all too often nothing more than a Fata Morgana. Share your thoughts.

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